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Facebook Wants You To Send Them Your Nude Photos To Keep Them Safe — No, Really!

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Um, would YOU trust Mark Zuckerberg with your nude photos?

Somehow, even after the controversy over leaks of personal information to Cambridge Analytica, Facebook has launched a new security measure which requires you to send them your own nude photos.

We promise this is legit. Well, maybe not legit, but we mean it's not a 3rd party phishing scam at any rate.

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No, Facebook announced through its official FB Safety page the new plan for users worried about their personal photos being leaked:

-They'll send you a "secure, one-time upload link" which you'll use to send them your nude photos.

-"Specifically trained members" of the Community Operations Safety Team make a hash (a digital fingerprint) of the photo which tracks to see if anyone else uploads it.

-No later than 7 days later, they delete your photo from their servers, keeping the hash forever to prevent uploading on FB, Instagram, or Messenger.

Sound secure? Ready to send those nudes?? Yeah, maybe not… Read the whole announcement for yourself (below)!

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What Privacy Scandal? Facebook Now Plans To Help You Find Your Soulmate With New Dating Features!!

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Have you ever stopped to think, "Gee, I really wish Facebook had MORE influence over my life"?? Then you're in luck!

Because weeks after Mark Zuckerberg testified in front of congress over the company's data privacy scandal, he announced that the titanous social media platform will take a crack at online dating!

The CEO said he was "optimistic about the future" at F8, Facebook's annual developers' conference, on Tuesday, adding that the future will include a dating feature in the Facebook app targeting the 200 million singles on the site.

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The feature will let users build separate profiles only for dating purposes, he added, using just their first names. People using the tool will be able to pick what groups or events they want to "unlock" to see more potential matches with like minded users.

But don't think Marky-Mark is trying to create the next Tinder — the CEO explained that the "totally optional" feature is going to be for "for building real long term relationships, not just hookups," adding:

"It's opt in… we have designed this with privacy and safety in mind from the beginning… you will only be suggested people who are not your friends."

It's a good thing they're keeping privacy and safety in mind — given that just over a month ago, we were finding out about how data-mining firm Cambridge Analytica had accessed info from 87 million Facebook users without their knowledge.

But hey, why not let Facebook control our love lives, too? It's not like Black Mirror is warning us or anything…

Watch CNET's stream of the conference (below) to hear about more new updates:

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Twitter Did NOT Come To Play For Mark Zuckerberg's Testimony — See All The Jokes!

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Mark Zuckerberg may be under attack by Congress — but it's really the social media jabs that should having him shaking in his booster seat!

Twitter users are relentlessly roasting the Facebook CEO has he faces a two-day congressional inquisition following the discovery that data-mining firm Cambridge Analytica gathered personal information from 87 million users to try to influence elections.

The Internet was armed and ready to comment on Zuck's questioning, with many poking fun at his robotic demeanor and the fact that he needed a booster seat to face his congressional interrogators.

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Other hecklers set their sights on congress, making fun of the fact that most of them are probably too old to understand how the social network works in the first place.

Ch-ch-check out some of the funniest Twitter reactions to Zuck's testimony (below)!

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Boo! Facebook Wants You To Focus On Your Friends & Family Instead Of News Articles!

Facebook takes a hit!

Facebook really wants you to care less about news articles, but it's starting to costing them!

On Thursday, Mark Zuckerberg announced a "major change" to the social media site's News Feed that will be good for "our well-being."

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In his post, he explained their new algorithm, which will be rolling out over "the next few months," will bring up posts from friends or ones that spark a conversation rather than showing posts from news outlets:

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HBO's Twitter Accounts Hacked — This Time, By A DIFFERENT Group!

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This war among men means nothing — because our beloved premium cable network is still under siege!

On Wednesday night, more hackers attacked HBO by taking over several network Twitter accounts, including the Game of Thrones account.

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The hackers identified themselves as OurMine, a security hacker collective known for breaching high profile internet accounts to advertize their services.

It seems like their latest hit on the channel's accounts were just that. They cheekily wrote:

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Suicide Is Fine But No Freeing The Nipple?? Facebook's Leaked Guidelines Reveal Strange Positions On Sex & Violence!

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Facebook: where broadcasting your suicide is fair game, but don't even think about posting a nipple!

The social media giant apparently allows videos and pictures of violent deaths, animal abuse, and self-harm to be shared, according to leaked internal guidelines obtained by The Guardian.

The publication sifted through over 100 of the website's training manuals, spreadsheets, and flowcharts that show how the site polices its content — and it's pretty mind-boggling which type of content is allowed to stay up.

Disturbing posts like non-sexual child abuse or attempts to self harm are flagged as "disturbing" but are allowed to stay on the site because they "create awareness."

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This policy doesn't stop people from live-streaming their suicides — an alarming epidemic seen from adolescents nationwide — because it "doesn't want to censor or punish people in distress."

Threats of violence, however, are a completely different matter. An actual threat to a public figure, like "someone shoot Trump" would be taken down — but a troll-ish threat like "snap a bitch's neck" is allowed to stay. Seems like a tricky line…

As for Facebook's effort to tackle "revenge porn," moderators are told to look for

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Facebook To Hire 3,000 Employees To Review Harmful Content After String Of Violent Video Postings

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Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook is beefing up its team in an effort to spot violent videos.

On Wednesday, the company announced it will be hiring 3,000 more employees (to add to the existing 4,500) worldwide following a growing number of users uploading graphic content of them injuring themselves or others.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained the move in a statement:

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