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Steve Harvey Is Cleared Of Allegations That He BEAT His Son! But Did He?!

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steve harvey accused of abusing his son ex wife thrown in jail

This is so horrible, and we’re not really sure what to think.

Steve Harvey’s ex-wife Mary Harvey and their 11-year-old son accused the comedian of beating the boy after he lied about turning in his homework. The school called their home to report what had happened, and Steve allegedly turned on his son.

However, Harvey was cleared on Thursday, when Mary was held in contempt for “leaking sealed information” to the press about what went down, and tossed her in the clink for 30 days.

What’s weird is what actually happened though. Police reports showed that

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Steve Harvey's Ex-Wife Gets Torn Apart…By Her Judge

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steve harveys ex gets slammed by judge

After Steve Harvey's ex-wife tore him apart on YouTube, the comedian responded in a very classy manner.

Now, Judge Robert Dry has "slammed" Mary Harvey for spreading false information about Steve AND potentially breaking a gag order.

Here are some items that Mary Harvey lied about, according to Judge Robert Dry's court declaration:

-She was never homeless or evicted from her home, and was "awarded three home in the property settlement" with Steve, AND received $40,00/month through Mar 09, AND she received another $1.5 million.

-Steve didn't take Mary's son from her, but rather she "willingly placed the child on an airplane and sent him to Mr. Harvey without his knowledge."

-Steve did not "withhold or turn the child against Mary"

-Steve's current wife Marjorie Bridges "was not a part of the original divorce proceeding, nor was she a cause of the marital breakup"

At this time, Mary has been ordered to take down the defamatory Steve Harvey videos, and she's banned from "discussing the pending and past litigation with the media."

A decision regarding whether or not Mary Harvey violated an earlier gag order will be made on March 10.

We're glad to hear this. We were impressed with how Steve's dealt with this thus far, and we're glad to hear that Mary is being put in her place, as the truth becomes increasingly clear.


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Steve Harvey Fires Back At Ex-Wife!

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We have to say, we have know idea what went on between these two, but we really respect him for taking the high road during this ordeal!

Steve Harvey has responded himself to his former wife Mary's recent YouTube rants directed at the comedian, claiming that he was unfaithful to her and took her son away from her when they divorced, and thankfully, he seems to be keeping his take on the matter classy!

He says:

"My father always taught me, he'd say, ‘Son, there's three sides to every story—there's their side, your side and the truth.' I know the truth. My son is coming into the room crying. And that's what hurts me, why you would do this. And I don't even understand the purpose. I mean, I got you're mad, but [she's talking about] 12 years ago. That's what we're doin' now? The truth's gonna come out. Because once you go public, you allow people to start asking questions…I'm just more concerned about my son, who I happen to have total custody of. He doesn't deserve the questions. I've been famous a long time. I've dealt with this all before…But things will be dealt with in the proper fashion this time. A lot of it's lies. I don't want nobody to do nothing. Here's my job as a father to my son: I have taught him to just be respectful of his mother and women overall. What he can't do is see me making particular accusations and rants…and I'm not going to. It is still his mother and I'm his father, and it's my job to raise him right."

Wow! Well-said, bb!

We're happy to hear that your first priority is your son, as he should be for your wife as well!

It's not easy to keep your head held high, especially when someone who was such a big part of your life is taking such public low blows, but we ultimately think that this will only help your case!

Best of luck!

[Image via WENN.]

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Steve Harvey's Ex-Wife Tears Him Apart On YouTube

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steve harveys ex bashes him on youtube

Hell hath no fury like a cheating comedian's ex!

Steve Harvey's ex-wife, Mary Harvey, is bitter because she claims he took their son and "left her with nothing after they split." As a result, she's posted videos about him on YouTube, in which she chronicles their relationship and calls him a cheater.

Here's what she had to say about him:

"He turned my son against me, had me evicted from our house. I woke up, and everything was gone."

Here's what Steve's attorney Bobbie Edmonds had to say about it in a statement:

"We are appalled and aware of the videos and other fabricated documents … which contained false, misleading, derogatory, disparaging, malicious, explicit and slanderous information about Mr. Harvey, his current wife and others."

"The ex-wife is fully aware of the court's current orders and permanent injunctions which prohibit either party, their lawyers or representatives from discussing and releasing information on the Internet and to the media. We are taking the necessary legal steps to rectify this matter to the full extent of the law and we will be seeking contempt and sanctions against her for such reprehensible and callous disregard for the court orders."

"We are saddened that the ex-wife has resorted to such devious and selfish behavior, with a reckless disregard for their minor son, her adult son and Mr. Harvey's other children."

The dramz gets even worse, as Mary Harvey claims that Steve is currently suing her in Texas:

"In Steve's opinion, I was responsible when Oprah did not give him a TV show. I'm being sued for that. That is why I'm saying what I have to say."

We certainly don't know all the details, but we're def thinking Mary Harvey would have been in a more powerful position if she hadn't hit the pages of YouTube with a vengeance.

Just sayin'!

Team Steve? Or Team Mary?

[Image via WENN.]

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