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George Clooney's Daughter Replacing Emma Stone In Spider-Man?!

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Shailene Woodley Playing Mary Jane In Next Spider-Man

Move over, Emma Stone!

Shailene Woodley has reportedly been offered the role of Mary Jane Watson in the Amazing Spider-Man 2!

Shailene attracted critical attention after playing George Clooney's daughter in the Oscar-winning Descendants.

The star of ABC Family's The Secret Life Of The American Teenager is rumored to be a top choice for the lead in Fifty Shades of Grey, but it looks like Spider-man swooped in and untied her!

Mary Jane is girl-next-door Gwen Stacy's sexy rival for Peter Parker's affections! But can anyone tear apart Emma and Andrew Garfield?

We mean, besides Ryan Gosling!

[Image via Ian Wilson/WENN.]

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Miley Calls Her Little Cutie Lila Her Angel!

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We hope Lila is feeling better and having a speedy recovery!

Mama Miley Cyrus tweeted a pic of her main bitch (sorry Ziggy and Mary Jane! LOLz!), looking oh-so-cute and ADORBz!

Miley tweets:

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Miley Cyrus Overloads Twitter With Doggie CUTENESS

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If Miley Cyrus wanted to create a superhero dog team, she has all the pieces to do it!

Sharing her GAWRGEOUS pooches with the Twitter world (above, and below), the newly engaged singer reintroduced her DAH-ling doggies.

There's Floyd, Happy, Ziggy, Lila and Mary Jane. Five precious pups ready to save the universe!

Super dogs…AWAY!!!

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[Image via Twitter.]

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Smoking Dope In High School Makes You One

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smoking weed in high school bad for health

The results from a 20-year study from New Zealand were just released.

It followed 1,000 people, assessing them as children, and then interviewed them repeatedly until they turned 38.

They found that those who smoked weed in their early teens, regularly before turning 18, had

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Miley and Liam Go On Walk With New Pooch!

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They don't waste time do they!

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth added Mary Jane to their wolf dog pack last week and they had got started right away on their family bonding time.

Miley, Liam, MJ and even Floyd got their daily stroll on, and both dogs and humans enjoyed the California sun.

So aDORable!!!

[Image via AKM-GSI.]

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Miley Adopts Another Pooch!

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Welcome to the gang, Mary Jane!

Miley Cyrus and her beau Liam Hemsworth adopted another dog to join the fold.

Mary Jane is the fifth Cyrus doggie, joining Lila, Floyd, Happy, and Ziggy.

Miley tweeted a photo of her new four legged friend, and stated:

Meet the newest addition to our family Mary Jane :) I love rescuing xo

Mary Jane's adoption is just two weeks after the singer adopted Happy.

Looks like Mary Jane's SUPER excited to join Team Miley!

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[Image via Twitter.]

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Wiz Khalifa Caught With Pot AGAIN!!!

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wiz khalifa amber rose busted for pot again

Dayum, Wiz!! Twice in ten days!?!

Amber Rose better talk some sense into Wiz Khalifa, otherwise he might end up too high for their own wedding, LOLz!!

Nahh, he's too in love for that to happen, but he could end up behind bars if he's not careful!

Shortly after Tennessee fuzz caught him green-handed in a Nashville hotel, North Carolina police busted him too!

It happened right after his

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