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And The Punking Continues!

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This is genius!

We're happy some jokester has so much $$$ at his/her disposal to pull this shiz off!

This morning, another Tiger Wood's related banner flew over the Masters, calling Tiger out on his supposed sex addiction. We're hearing there won't be an end to this shenanigan anytime soon and we just can't WAIT to see what other gems this prankster has up their sleeve!

Maybe this is a group effort from all of his whores? A little present of them to him! (Hey, there sure is enough of them to fund such a thing!)

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Tiger Gets Punk'd At The Masters!

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Some HIGHlarious prankster wanted to ensure that Tiger Woods didn't get too cocky during his return to golf at the Masters Tournament today, so he or she flew this clever banner featuring a play on words referencing his Buddhist faith over the golf course for all to see!

HA. Excellent!

Karma's a bitch, isn't it, bb?

[Image via Getty Images.]

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Tiger Is Still Really, Really Sorry!

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Tiger Woods just finished his first major news conference, and more or less spewed the same self-deprecating, crocodile tear, bullshiz extravaganza he's been maintining since his many affairs were made public!

Speaking to reporters, Woods said:

"The pain and the damage I caused my wife, my mom, my kids … Going forward, I am going to have to explain all [this to them] … but that's my responsibility. I did it. I hadn't hit far enough on the bottom to make myself look at what I had done. What I was thinking was not correct. I was rationalizing. I was in totally denial at times….I fooled myself. I lied to myself, kept others in the dark….When I stripped all that away and realized what I had done, the whole magnitude of it, that is pretty brutal. I take full responsibility. I've come out better. I am certainly a much better person for it. I can't go back to where I was. I want to be a part of my son and daughter's life. I missed his first birthday and [that's] something I regret and will probably regret the rest of my life."

PSSH. Yeah, right.

He's just pissed that he got caught and he has to do all this damage control!

What do U think?? Does Tiger sound actually remorseful to you??

[Image via WENN.]

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Tiger Preps For Another Press Conference!!

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We're sure this one will be just as thrilling and sincere as the last!

Tiger Woods is planning to hold another exercise in douchebaggery press conference before his return to golf in the upcoming Master's Tournament!

For anyone interested, the tentative date scheduled is Monday, April 5th at 2pm!

What do U think? Are U interested to hear what Tiger has to say again??

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