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It's Pi Day!! Watch 16 Celebrities Getting Pies To The Face In Honor Of This Momentous Day!

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three stooges pi day pie gallery

It's 3/14, people! And y'all know what that means, right? It's Pi Day!!

No, we're NOT talking about the warm and tasty dessert your grandma used to make for you! We're talking about Pi, the irrational number that represents the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter! DUH!!

You know, 3.14159265359!!! LOLZ MATHSSS!

But seeing as math is hard and pie is delicious, we thought we'd go ahead and celebrate the first one instead!!

And is there any better way to celebrate than watching some of our favorite celebrities taking a tasty pie right to their face? The correct answer is no, there isn't!!

CLICK HERE to see 16 Celebrities Getting Pies To The Face For Pi Day!

CLICK HERE to see 16 Celebrities Getting Pies To The Face For Pi Day!

CLICK HERE to see 16 Celebrities Getting Pies To The Face For Pi Day!

CLICK HERE to see 16 Celebrities Getting Pies To The Face For Pi Day!

CLICK HERE to see 16 Celebrities Getting Pies To The Face For Pi Day!

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Tom Daley Is An Adorable Straight-A Student!

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A Level results!!!

Aug 15, 2013| Source: Keek.com

Wow! It looks like Tom Daley really IS the entire package!!

Not only is the strapping 19-year-old one of the best divers in the entire world, but he's also quite the brainiac!

The bronze medal winning Brit recently got his grades for his A-Level exams (sort of similar to the SATs) and the results were very positive, as he got straight A's in math, photography, AND in spanish!

Muy bueno!!

He decided to share the exciting moment with an adorable Keek video (above), and despite his high marks, he still has a little bit of trouble with the camera! LOLz!

Oh well! We'll forgive him since he's so darn cute!!

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High School Math Teacher Arrested For Sleeping With SEVEN Students! WTF!


Two plus two equals sex?

A high school math teacher, whose name is DaNita "Dee" Wilson and is 32 years old, has been arrested for sleeping with seven of her students - six of whom were sixteen years old and one was under the age of sixteen, which is the age of consent in Georgia.

Here's what one bureau agent said:

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For The Third Time This Year Math Homework References Slavery

And we're only in the month of March!

In a ridiculously horrible new trend across the country, math homework referencing slavery continues to be given to students.

Parents of the kids at James A. Jackson Elementary School in Clatyon County, Georgia, were outraged when their homework assignment included this question:

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Student Video Shows American Teens Don't Know Basic Trivia

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We hope this is not true. There's no way these kids can be that…. misinformed.

A student asked his classmates basic common knowledge questions such as "Who is the current Vice President?" and "What countries border the United States?"

The results were shockingly appalling.

In the world spectrum, American students are not up to par with the rest of the world. The U.S. ranks 31st in math proficiency and 16th in reading.

Some figure these poor scores could cost the States $75 TRILLION over the next 80 years.

As this student reporter shows us, it's not looking too good for today's youth.

Check out the video above and laugh (or cry) at teen intelligence.

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Parents Are Mad About Racist 3rd Grade Math Problem!

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8 and 9-year-old students in Georgia brought home some puurdy offensive math homework.

Here's an example:

"If Frederick got two beatings every day, how many beatings would he get in one week?"


Parents are PISSED, and we would would be too!
The school apologized, explaining that the math problems were written to go along with a book their reading in Social Studies about slavery.

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Teacher Charged With Masturbating Behind Podium During Class



A Chicago teacher, 75-year-old Paul LaDuke, was charged with a felony for masturbating behind a podium during class.

A student told another teacher that she thought he was doing some sort of lewd conduct behind the podium. When the teacher notified administration, LaDuke was fired on Friday and school officials called police. He was then arrested after detectives interviewed several students and has since been charged with sexual exploitation of a child.

What's even worse is that police say that the math teacher was engaging in this type of behavior for over a decade!! After his arrest, he had written a note, admitting that he fantasized about female students while masturbating in class for the pas 10 years.

He's currently being held on $40,000 bond. His defense attorney states that he has dementia, which in our opinion, is still not an excuse for this type of behavior to be allowed in school - FOR TEN YEARS.

So gross. The student who notified another teacher should be applauded for stepping forward.

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