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Beyoncé’s Dad Gets Child Support Reduced After It's Revealed He's Significantly "Poorer" Than He Used To Be!

bedad has child support reduced because hes poorer than he used to be

Well, now he has no excuse not to pay nothing anymore!

Beyoncé’s father Mathew Knowles hasn't paid his expensive child support in who knows how long, and we guess it might've been because it was too expensive.

The former manager went to court recently to plead with the judge to lower his child support because

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Beyoncé’s Dad Mathew Knowles Hasn’t Paid ANY Child Support! Baby Momma Forced On Food Stamps!

mathew knowles drama

What gives man?!

Beyoncé’s father Mathew Knowles has NOT paid any of child support dues, and now his baby momma has to go to the government for help!

Blue Ivy’s uncle and Queen Bey’s half brother Nixon's momma Alexsandra Wright has not seen one cent from her baby daddy, which has forced her to go on public assistance!

She’s receiving

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Beyoncé & Solange Knowles Were M.I.A. For Dad's Wedding Weekend!

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beyonce solange knowles missed dads wedding

Uh oh, family dramz?!

We don't know if there's some more bad blood stirring between Beyoncé and her dad, but there has to be some reason she didn't show up to Mathew Knowles' wedding!

And Bey wasn't the only one not there because Solange Knowles also ended up M.I.A. for his wedding with Gena Avery last weekend.

So what could possibly have kept his two daughters away??

Well, daddy Knowles claims:

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Mathew Knowles' Baby Mama Wants More $$$ Because She Feels "Threatened!"

Uh oh!!!

Mathew Knowles apparently emailed a threatening note to his baby mama about two years ago, and since she has been feeling threatened, she wants more child support money for security!!

Alexsandra Wright recently filed documents in court stating that Beyonce's dad said:

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Beyonce's Dad Breaks Band In New Reality Show

Mathew Knowles, papa of Beyonce and Solange, grandpapa to baby Blue Ivy Carter, has finally brought his reality show to America.

The manager of girl groups like Destiny's Child, Knowles is bringing his expertise to cricket bat for From Above, a brand new pop group from the UK. And we get to watch!

Breaking From Above goes behind the scenes as Knowles puts the ladies through a rigorous training regimen, everything from vocal exercises to advanced dance lessons.

Ch-Ch-Check out the trailer (above) but be warned! The show is as raw and real as it gets, and this clip is definitely NSFW!

Despite the strong language, Breaking From Above, already an international hit, is currently airing nightly in America on Teen Nick.

Will one of these British birds be the next Beyonce? You decide!

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Beyonce's Parents Are Officially Divorced

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Must be an emotional day for Queen B. And not just because she is in full-pregnancy mode.

Beyonce's beloved and supportive parents. Mathew and Tina Knowles, are officially divorced today. The pair filed last month in Texas, or more accurately refiled, since their last attempt to go through with the divorce in 2009 failed when they didn't show up for their court date.

Things are certainly over and done with now, which

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Beyonce's Dad Taking Thief Accusations To Court

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Mathew Knowles Caims He Isnt A Thief

Beyonce's father has filed legal papers exposing why his daughter fired him as her manager!

Apparently she's under the impression he stole money from her, but he says he's innocent.

In the documents filed, Mathew Knowles claims Live Nation Entertainment were willing to do anything to get Beyonce and her 2011 world tour.

According to Mathew, LNE told Beyonce that he had been stealing money from her on her most recent tour.

They must have been pretty convincing, because B conducted an audit where it the allegations were confirmed.

Once she fired him, she then hired a former Live Nation exec as his replacement.

Insisting these accusations are false, B's father is asking the judge for a deposition to determine how it was concluded that he was stealing from his daughter.

Yikes! This is some heavy family stuff. We hope he isn't just dragging all of this out to maintain face for as long as possible. If so, this is going to cause more damage than what's already been done. And if he innocent, we have to wonder how in the world those conclusion WERE made!

Either way, stay strong, B!

[Image via PNP/WENN.]

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