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Matthew Fox’s World War Z Footage Gets LOST

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matthew fox world war z part cut reshootsWorld War Z is turning out to be a pretty darn big movie! It's even getting a sequel!

But if you blink — or just can't pull your gaze away from Brad Pitt's dreamy eyes — you'll miss Matthew Fox's turn as a helicopter pilot.

Why did the Lost star get such a small role? Well, it turns out those infamous reshoots where they scrapped half the movie? Apparently Matthew's role was mostly in the tail section.

Matthew said of his character in an interview last year:

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Matthew Fox Talks Shiz About One Direction On Late Night With Conan O'Brien!

Whaaaat?!? Matthew Fox doesn't like One Direction?!? That's insane!!

The Lost actor made an appearance on Late Night with Conan O'Brien last night, and while he was there, he talked all sorts of mess about the English-Irish boy band.

His 15-year-old daughter, Kyle is a big fan of One Direction and has a big crush on Harry Styles, but Fox wants her to "explore music that’s outside of the boy bands.”

Ha! Apparently Matthew dislikes 1D so much that he even upsets his little girl every time the group is brought up.

We have no idea what the actor has against the boy band, but whatever it is, he better get over it!!

Ch-ch-check out Matthew bash One D (above)!

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Matthew Fox On Men's Health UK Cover

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matthew-fox-cover-of-mens-health-uk-fitness.jpgMatthew Fox got crazy ripped for his new movie Alex Cross as we previously mentioned.

So of course he'd make it to the cover of Men's Health UK magazine!

He talked about several subjects in the mag, which went a little like this:

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Matthew Fox: Men's Fitness Photo Shoot - Behind The Scenes

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We previously mentioned that Matthew Fox got CRAZY ripped for his new movie Alex Cross.

Well he was recently doing a photo shoot for Men's Fitness magazine and started talking about what it took get that insane body.

Aside from cutting out all of his favorite foods and eliminating almost all breads and pastas, he

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Matthew Fox Denies Beating Women On Ellen, Then Laughingly Admits To DUI!

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Oh, Matty!

Matthew Fox had a kiki with Ellen DeGeneres recently and tried to clear his besmirched name!

The Lost star was asked point blank about accusations from several sources claiming he hits women!

Reiterating the same sentiments he shared in Men's Fitness, ch-ch-check out the sly Fox swearing he never hit a lady and that he never ever would (above)!

Then decide for yourselves whether he's telling the truth!

But what about his DUI?

Ellen also quizzed the actor on having a few too many cocktails before

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Matthew Fox: 'I Have Never Hit A Woman Before'

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Matthew Fox has gotten in all sorts of trouble lately.

He pleaded no contest to driving under the influence and got sued for allegedly punching a female Ohio bus driver, but the most damaging headline was when Lost co-star Dominic Monaghan tweeted that he beats women "often."

Although his people denied the allegations, Fox has yet to personally address the issue — until now. In the most recent issue of Men's Fitness, the 46-year-old Alex Cross star told his side of the story and explained:

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How Did Matthew Fox Get CRAZY Ripped??

matthew-fox-suepr-ridpped-cut__opt.jpgMatthew Fox was a pretty in-shape guy to begin with, but he lost an astonishing 40 pounds for his role in his new movie, Alex Cross!

So how did he get so crazy ripped?

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