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Robert Pattinson Refuses To Make KStew Scandal Even Messier Than It Already Is!

Robert pattinson Kristen Stewart Revenge

Sounds like Robert Pattinson is stepping up to be the bigger man!

Even after getting publicly humiliated by Kristen Stewart — with her cheating scandal with Rupert Sanders — it seems he is NOT out for blood!

A friend of R-Patz recently revealed:

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Miley Cyrus' Topless Tease For Liam Hemsworth!


Hot chiiild!

Well aren't YOU just a sight for sore horny eyes!

The partyin' patriot who loves to let her tittays roam free for the world to see, once engaged in a naughty, topless photoshoot meant specifically for fiance Liam Hemsworth (above)!

In the seductive pic which recently leaked online, Miley Cyrus poses in a tub with a come hither and rub me down stare in this sexy snap taken a year or so ago by photographer friend Vijat, and DAYUM is Miley looking all sorts of mature!

It must have been really HARD to keep from mounting Miley right there in that bathtub, right Liam?

Good thing you two are getting married SOON… we're sure Mileybird has all sorts of kinky things planned for the wedding night! WhiPAH!

Hey, maybe SHE should play Anastasia Steele in 50 Shades!

Check out MORE of Miley acting oh so "grown up" (below)!

[Image via Vijat.]

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Justin Bieber Takes Us On A Rollacoaster Ride!

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Bieber Rollacoaster Cover

So THIS is where his latest Twitter profile pic came from!

Looks like Justin Bieber recently caught up with Rollacoaster Magazine for a classic black and white photoshoot, all while spilling on his journey to superstardom!

Check out the Biebs (above) working those puppy dog eyes on the cover!

In the interview, Justin spoke a bit about his album, Believe, and what it was like to be brought up in the spotlight.

JB stated:

“I am growing up, I am now 18 and my fans are growing up with me. I’m getting older and I want that to reflect in my album – it is just more mature and reflecting the age that I am.”

And mature it is!

He definitely isn’t a baby Bieby anymore…though, those pants (below) DO remind us a bit of footed pajamas! LOLz!

As for Justin’s future goals? Sounds like the kid isn’t going to stop reaching for the moon anytime soon!

Bieber told the mag:

“Each time I break a record I’m always happy. With my YouTube stuff, Baby has more views than any video – ever. So my next goal is to reach one billion views on a video.”

We’ll hold him to it — though, we surely don't put it past him!

His music short film, As Long As You Love Me, premieres in full on Wednesday…perhaps this one will hit Bieber’s billion-view mark!

Its fate will soon be in your hands, Beliebers!

[Image via Rollacoaster Magazine.]

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Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Want To Have A Baby NOW!

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Want To Have A Baby NOW!

Be on the look out for a achy-breaky baby bump!

Miley Cyrus has plans to make Billy Ray Cyrus a grandaddy very soon!

A source close to the Cyrus clan revealed that Miley and her fiancé of one month, Liam Hemsworth, are planing on starting a family — possibly even before the wedding! Our source claims:

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Vintage Megan Fox!

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Hot damn! Girl was giving the seductive look at age 12! Quite the nymphette…

Expectant mamma Megan Fox posted some old-school pics of her 12 year-old self to Facebook recently, along with the comment:

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J.K. Rowling's Sexy Casual Vacancy Cover!!

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So much ripe-tomato red and bright, sunny yellow… GORGEOUS!

Back in April we gushed over the juicy filling of J.K. Rowling's post-Potter literary casserole, Casual Vacancy

And now Miss Rowling has officially released the novel's cover art designed by Mario J. Pulice, and we vote YES YES YES on the final product!

We adore the vibrant simplicity, and the voting-ballot hint of what might be at the center of the book's inner mysteries…

Just stare at the book face (above) and let all that ominous cheerfulness absorb into your system so you'll be ready for the book's release THIS September 27th!

Potterheads, U onboard?

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Selena Gomez Does NOT Have 50 Shades Fever


While she may have an advanced case of Bieber fever, our darling Selenita has not yet been infected by Christian Grey's heated dominance!

Sweet Selena Gomez recently revealed that she isn't as taken wit 50 Shades of Grey as the rest of the country world is, and adds that starring in the film version is not on her bucket list. She explains:

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