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Maury Has Taken Over Ellen's Turf!

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In these hot summer days, housewives and college students are pumping up the A.C. and getting fixated on their TVs.

And what better to watch during the daytime than the trashy exploits of knocked up, unwed trailer park dwellers and transvestites on the prowl!

The ratings show that Maury Povich is kicking daytime TV ass this summer, beating out the likes of Ellen DeGeneres in syndication with his talk show Maury!

Hooray for corning the market on DNA testing! Boo for Ellen losing her audience just because her shows aren't as funny the second time around!

Oh, but don't be fooled! Though Maury has broken the top 20 syndicated shows this summer, there is one fierce bitch that rules supreme.

Bow down to Judge Judy, soap operas and game shows! She owns you all!

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Maury Povich Brings In Young Viewers

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It sounds like he loves his job and telling would-be dads, "You are NOT the father!"

Maury Povich is killing it in the ratings, especially among young people with a 44% increase in adults 18-34 from last year!

The show has also grown as a whole with the audience increasing by nearly 50% over the last year pulling in about 3.4 million viewers per episode!

Maury thinks it's because the show moved over to Stamford, Connecticut instead of New York. He explains:

“There’s just a lot of young people 18- 35…particularly up in Connecticut we have a lot of college kids. They may have a day off or it works with their schedule in school; I see sororities here, I see fraternities. That never happened in New York.…

"Because of the energy of the live audiences, I’ve responded. I think this is the best hosting I’ve done in years. Right now I see no end to [the show], and I also think it’s keeping me young. I’m 71 years old. It’s remarkable. I never thought that I would be on television at the age of 60.

Good for him — and for everyone! Who doesn't love a good paternity test revelation?

[Image via Joseph Marzullo / WENN.]

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