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Maya Angelou Was HOSPITALIZED!

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maya angelou hospitalized unknown reasons no travel scary

We're saddened to hear that Oprah's favorite poet/author, Maya Angelou, had been hospitalized!

It was brief, luckily, and she IS back at home in North Carolina recovering — we just have no idea why she was put into the hospital in the first place! There are no details!

The only other thing we're hearing is that her medical team has ordered her to NOT travel anywhere for the next three to four weeks!

Such a bummer!

At 85, we hope she's okay! Feel better soon, Maya!

[Image via WENN.]

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World’s Nicest Man Fined $500 For His Generosity

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Maya Angelou Does Not Approve Of Cleveland Police Tactics

This can’t be good.

Ohioan John Davis was ticketed yesterday for "littering" after a disabled begger dropped some of the cash John handed him.

What?! Is this some kind of sick joke?

A Cleveland police officer watched John reach out his car window and give a few bucks to the panhandler in a wheelchair, who accidentally dropped one of the dollars.

Instead of helping the guy pick up the money or, you know, going about his business preventing REAL crime, the cop decided to ticket John $500 for littering!

Most people drive right on by pretending not to notice fellow citizens in need John explains why he's different:

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Congrats Stevie Wonder And Mariah Carey!!! BET Honors Winners!!!

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mariah carey stevie wonder bet honors

For their outstanding contributions to African-American culture, Stevie Wonder and Mariah Carey will be recognized at the 2012 BET Honors ceremony.

Hosted by Gabrielle Union, Maya Angelou and Spike Lee will also receive tributes for their art in the media.

Congrats!! You're all very deserving of this honor!

[Image via A. Benjilali/Joseph Marzullo/WENN.]

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Wordsmith Snooki Polizzi Does Not Know Her Fellow Scribes

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Names like J.K Rowling and Maya Angelou - not on this girl's radar! Know who are? Gay cats! (More on that in a second…)

Last night, Snooki Snickers stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote her second book release, Confessions of a Guidette. Jimmy had some of his staff peruse the book for hidden pearls of wisdom, but ended up learning quite a few things about Nicole Polizzi instead.

Like, did you know that Roswell is her favorite show? (Nerd!) Or that in 7th grade, she was voted the school's treasurer! (Note: when asked, she could not figure out how old she was in 7th grade. Obviously, she has a way with numbers) Finally, she admitted that she has a gay cat, or rather, a cat she knows to be gay from the way he "listens to her stories."

Oh, and she also made up a new word: "volumptuous"

Check out the video (above) to see her interview with Jimmy! You won't regret it.

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Maya Angelou Is NOT Happy With Martin Luther King Jr's Memorial Statue!

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Martin Luther King Jr Maya Angelou Memorial Statue

Martin Luther King Jr has been paraphrased for the sake of space on his memorial statue.

Carved on the north face of the thirty-foot-tall granite statue, the memorial reads "I was a drum major for justice, peace and righteousness."

But that's not exactly what the great man said…

What he really said was:

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