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Amanda Bynes Insults President & First Lady AGAIN While Puppy Shopping! See Her 'Ugly' Tirade HERE!

And the ugliness continues!!

Amanda Bynes was recently given an opportunity to recant her dirty diss of The First Couple, but the troubled starlet dug herself into a DEEPER hole!!!

The confused 27-year-old SLAMMED President Barack Obama and his beloved wife Michelle Obama by calling them ugly, but when cameras caught her puppy shopping this afternoon she had a chance to make amends!!!

So, did the Big Fat Liar star apologize for her rude behavior!?

Ch-ch-check out the unbelievable video (above) and find out!

Yikes! She called them ugly AGAIN!

Something tells us Amanda won't soon be invited to any White House Correspondents Dinners, LOLz!!

[Video via Splash News.]

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James Franco's Spider Senses Untingled By The Amazing Spider-Man

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james franco at cannes

James Franco might like both the Kirsten Dunst and leaf-version of Mary Jane, but for him, there's only one true Peter Parker…

In a recent review of Man of Steel, James Franco gave the new Superman flick a positive assessment. However, in the course of his piece he was not so kind to The Amazing Spider-Man, mentioning that the reboot of the series was made "before there was time to bury the corpse of the old one." Whoa, harsh! Sounds like James has some serious Arachnophobia when it comes to newer Spidey films.

James, who played Harry Osborn in the previous Spider-Man trilogy directed by Sam Raimi, said in another interview that the remake was, "eh." And mind you, that's the bad "eh," not the thumbs-up Fonzie "ehhhh!"

Apparently, watching The Amazing Spider-Man left James with his spider senses very much un-tingled, as he continued his diss fest by saying this:

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Demi Lovato Wants To Be More Like Simon Cowell?! Is She About To Get Nasty On X Factor?

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demi lovato simon cowell more like him on x factor

But we love our sweet DemDem!

Sure, Simon Cowell can be totes funny when he's dishing out some harsh criticism, but there's nothing like a sugary sweet judge to help you with the wounds he leaves behind.

This may not be American Idol, but someone has to play the Paula Abdul role!

Luckily, it sounds like we won't totally be losing the Demi Lovato we know and love, but we might occasionally see a slightly more brutal side slip out from time to time on the new season of X Factor!

The Heart Attack singer revealed to Heat magazine what part of Simon she'd like to channel some times:

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Demi LovatoDemi LovatoDemi LovatoDemi LovatoDemi Lovato
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Amanda Bynes Sends Out Vicious Twitter Post Promising To Hurt Others!

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amanda bynes mean tweet promising hurt

We sure hope she doesn't mean this one and deletes it very soon!

Amanda Bynes has posted some cray cray and hurtful things on Twitter, but this latest message is just downright nasty!

After making it clear in previous posts that she likes some people and definitely doesn't like others, she's now promising pain to those not on her good side!

The Twitter-crazed, retired actress tweeted:

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Amanda BynesAmanda BynesAmanda BynesAmanda BynesAmanda Bynes

Justin Bieber & His Security Goons Played Monkey In The Middle With Paparazzo & His Camera!

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justin-bieber-Paparazzi-stolen camera miami hit factor sim card joffrey

Like the ghosts of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, Justin Bieber and the paparazzi just can't make peace!

Around 4 am Wednesday morning, a cameraman snapped pictures of The Biebs chillaxing outside The Hit Factory — a recording studio in Miami.

The Crowned Prince of Pop's security detail didn't take kindly to the unauthorized photos! In fact, they snatched the dude's camera right up!

Thankfully for the startled shutterbug, he was prudent enough to record the whole incident!

An audio recording of the event proves the paparazzo BEGGED and PLEADED for the safe return of his expensive equipment, but Justin wasn't feeling especially benevolent!

The Boyfriend singer forced the dude to whine for well over a minute before eventually

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Matt Lauer Flexes Meanie Muscle On Today AGAIN!? This Time Targeting Low-Level Staffers!

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matt lauer accused meanness today staffers demeaning dismissive

If these latest allegations are true, they're so totally disappointing!

NBC's Matt Lauer is apparently a big ole' "D" to his underlings at Today!

Three big D's, actually — he stands accused of being derogatory, demeaning, and dismissive to the hard-working members of his staff!

Good Morning America PUMMELED The Today Show during May sweeps, so we imagine the ratings decline is at least part of why Matt became such a meanie!

One source close to the situation reveals

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Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong Calls Psy 'Herpes' & Psy LOVES IT! See His Reaction HERE!

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billie joe armstrong psy music herpes green day

Sounds like one cranky rock star woke up on the wrong side of the bed today!

Or maybe we just assume that because Billie Joe Armstrong's hair screams bed-head, LOLz!!

For reasons we cannot fathom, the Green Day punk rocker is throwing down the gauntlet and everyone's favorite international superstar — Psy!!!

On Billie's official Instagram account, the rehab veteran posted a pic of Psy's famous horsie dance with this caption:

"This dude is the herpes of music. Once you think it's gone, it comes back. #herpes #flareup"

Whoa!!! HERPES!!?! That's no bueno!!

The Gangnam Style singer, amazing samaritan that he is, shrugged the shade right the eff off!!

See his HIGHlariously understated reaction…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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