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John McCain's Daughter Ditches Lecture To Par-tay in Vegas

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Why did John McCain's daughter Meghan McCain bail on a lecture at Pennsylvania's Juniata College? Here's what her publicist said had come up:

"…several unforseen professional responsibilities."

Here's why WE say she bailed on the lecture:

"…needed to get drunk and crazy, in an effort to get Vegas-blacklisted worse than Paris Hilton, and wanted to recreate the events in the movie The Hangover, but much, much worse!"

Okay, so MAYBE she didn't get married, and perhaps she kept the cocaine out of her vajayjay, but she did bail on a lecture to party in Vegas. She even tweeted about it:

"First real time off in months - was gonna rest up for phase two next week of my Dirty Sexy Politics book tour."

More from Meghan via Twitter:

"but headed to sin city with my favorite crew of sinner instead…Viva Las Vegas baby."

Juniata students are taking offense. Here's a statement from a member of Juniata's class of 2012:

"What kind of message is she attempting to send to the voting college students? We wanted to hear her speak, but apparently we aren't important enough for her to come."

It's not that you aren't important, Juniata….it's just that consuming alcohol and having a one night stand making new friends was more important to her.

Good for you, Meghan! All jokes aside, we hope you had fun in Vegas!

Juniata students - it's gonna be all right! Maybe she'll come back for a lecture one day if there isn't anything more fun to do that day.

Do U think Meghan was wrong to bail on Juniata for Vegas?

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Meghan McCain Finally Speaks Out About Don't Ask, Don't Tell

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We asked and she responded!

Senator John McCain's daughter, Meghan McCain, spoke out about her stance on Don't Ask, Don't Tell on her Twitter page and this is what she had to say:

I am a supporter of LGBT rights and am against DADT - I fight every day. Until you are the daughter of a republican senator - don't assume what I do and the stances I take are ever easy. I love my family and I love the gay community. There's a lot of anger being projected at me personally for my father's stance on DADT. I love my father very much and we disagree. Project your anger at politicians and the president you elected, because last time I checked - Obama isn't exactly advocating for LGBT rights or removing DADT.

Thank you for finally giving us your opinion on Don't Ask, Don't Tell and for your support of the LGBT community.

We may not agree with John McCain's politics, but he did raise one smart cookie!

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Meghan McCain Looks Down On You, Bristol Palin

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To be fair, so does most of America, which you will soon learn when you are quickly voted OFF Dancing With The Stars.

In case you were wondering though, that's why daughter of your mommy's former running mate thinks your trash. In a recent interview, Meghan McCain admitted to sources that she too was looking into getting into the TV thing, though she had her sights set much higher than Bristol Palin.

She told sources that she was in the "very, very baby stages of some television stuff, just development," but that none of that "stuff" was reality TV. According to her, she "would never do a reality show, ever."

Classy move, BB! Though, if we are being fair to Bristol (which it pains us to do), it's not like she signed up for the Real Knocked Up Teenagers of Alaska. Dancing With The Stars has its moments.

And as we're typing with we realize she'll be performing alongside a greasy man who has made his name by forcing his abs on our retinas… and The Situation!

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