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Is Melania Trump's Speechwriter Meredith McIver A Figment Of Donald Trump's Imagination?? See The Evidence…

is meredith mciver real??

And the plot thickens!!

As you surely know, Donald Trump's wife Melania received a lot heat after she CLEARLY plagiarized a speech of Michelle Obama's from 2008.

Despite the fact the presidential hopeful's team tried to initially deny the copycat hiccup, by Wednesday a woman named Meredith McIver had taken the fall for the controversy.

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It's said Miz McIver has helped Mr. Trump write his books in the past, and supposedly offered up her resignation following the VERY public snafu. However, in her written statement, Meredith revealed that the Celebrity Apprentice star decided to NOT fire her… how very out of character of him…

In fact, the entire craziness of this situation has since inspired conspiracy theorists to conclude that Meredith is NOT real.

Now we're not saying we buy it, but conspiracy theorists DO have some evidence. We mean, remember when Trump created his spokesman alias, John Barron? We definitely do! AND the speechwriter's Facebook page and other info only started popping up online only a handful of hours ago…

Be sure to ch-ch-check out the best theories floating around Twitter about McIver's existence (below)!

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Melania Trump's Speech May Actually Have Been AGAINST FEDERAL LAW! Find Out Why!

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It's been mere days since Donald Trump has been named the official Republican presidential nominee, and his campaign has already been ridden with more scandals than Kerry Washington would know what to do with.

On Wednesday, Trump's campaign admitted parts of Melania Trump's RNC speech had been plagiarized from Michelle Obama's 2008 address — and offered up employee Meredith McIver as the person to blame.

In her statement, McIver described herself as an "in-house staff writer at the Trump Organization" who worked with Melania on the speech.

Apparently, Miz Trump read out some passages from FLOTUS as inspiration, and the staff writer was so incompetent, she accidentally included them in the speech. (Sounds fishy to us — but hey, that's politics!)

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However, the confession may have actually caused a much bigger problem for team Trump, because both the letterhead and employee are from The Trump Organization — aka the candidate's personal business — and NOT the campaign!

Trump's campaign is allowed to use Trump Organization employees if they are paid by the campaign for that work, but McIver's statement — plus, the fact that she's a registered Democrat — strongly suggests that was never a campaign employee at all!!!

Though it does explain why the speech writer is such a big fan of Michelle Obama! LOLz!

Do YOU think Trump's campaign is in legal trouble?

[Image via Instagram/Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/WENN.]

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Melania Trump Speechwriter Takes Blame For Plagiarism, Offers To Resign From Campaign… But She's Not Going Anywhere!

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Next they're gonna say she improvised the entire thing…

You would think the biggest news to come out of the Republican National Convention would have at least something to do with politics, or social issues, or even the economy — but you'd be wrong.

No, in today's reality TV show that is the 2016 Presidential Election, the only thing people seem to care about from the RNC is potential First Lady Melania Trump's plagiarized version of a famous Michelle Obama speech.

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It's been two days since Donald Trump's wife delivered her now-infamous address in Cleveland, and we're FINALLY learning the truth about who really wrote the speech… or so we think.

That's because Trump campaign staff writer Meredith McIver claimed responsibility for the stolen words on Wednesday — despite the fact that speechwriters Matthew Scully and John McConnell were reportedly penning Melania's political presentation last month — and even offered her resignation!

Surprisingly, according to a public statement from Meredith, the former Celebrity Apprentice host decided to not use his catchphrase "You're Fired" on the family friend, saying:

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