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Rose McGowan Calls Ben Affleck A Liar Over His Harvey Weinstein Statement!

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This Harvey Weinstein scandal is so disgusting, a lot of people near him are going to end up with some of it on them.

While it's only one man being accused of sexual assault, he was allowed to get away with it for years — meaning too many people stood by and did nothing.

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While more women are coming out every day with their own stories, some Weinstein collaborators like Meryl Streep and Kevin Smith have said they had no idea.

Ben Affleck was a little late to the game, but he did eventually release a statement on Tuesday saying what he "read this morning" made him sick. He wrote:

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Harvey Weinstein's Male Collaborators Get Called Out For Remaining Silent — So Ben Affleck & Lin-Manuel Miranda Finally Speak Up!

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Hollywood heavyweights are coming out of the woodwork against Harvey Weinstein after the news of numerous allegations of sexual harassment and assault.

From Meryl Streep to Kate Winslet, many have spoken out against the infamous producer.

But not everyone.

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The Guardian released a list of Weinstein collaborators they attempted to contact, from whom they could not get a response, including Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Russell Crowe — who allegedly helped stop the last exposé, Leonardo DiCaprio, long-time collaborator Quentin Tarantino, Michael Moore — who is currently working with Harvey on a documentary about Donald Trump, and several others.

George Clooney, who was on their list, has since spoken out.

Now Lin-Manuel Miranda, who has been working with The Weinstein Company on a film version of In the Heights, has tweeted in response to being called out, writing:

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Kate Winslet & Jessica Chastain Have VERY DIFFERENT Takes On The Harvey Weinstein Scandal…

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The Harvey Weinstein scandal seems pretty simple; after years of alleged sexual harassment and assault, victims are finally speaking out.

But interestingly we're hearing some pretty different responses to the accusations from around Tinseltown.

On the one hand, you have many for whom this is one of the worst kept secrets in Hollywood. The exposé just meant Weinstein finally facing consequences for something everyone knew about.

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On the other, you have actors like Meryl Streep wanting to assure everyone that "not everybody knew."

Kate Winslet, who won an Oscar working with The Weinstein Company on The Reader just eight years ago, is firmly in that camp, telling Variety the news was "shocking" to her:

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Meryl Streep Responds To Harvey Weinstein's 'Disgraceful' & 'Inexcusable' Sexual Harassment Allegations

Meryl Streep and Harvey Weinstein

Meryl Streep speaks out.

Four days after the explosive New York Times report exposing decades of sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein, his longtime collaborator has finally responded.

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In a statement to Huffington Post, the 68-year-old actress called out the filmmaker's "inexcusable" behavior that was clearly an "abuse of power" — while saying she was unaware of this "disgraceful behavior" that was happening behind closed doors.

The full statement reads:

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Best & Worst Deleted Scenes From Classic Movies!

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Most deleted movie scenes get cut for a reason. But some are so bad we can't understand why they were filmed at all!

For instance, this scene in The Devil Wears Prada that ruined Meryl Streep's perfect performance halfway through! Or the laughable other ending from Titanic.

Then again, sometimes we see a deleted scene that not only fixes a plot hole from the film, it contains MORE shirtless Chris Hemsworth! WTF, Marvel Studios??

Ch-ch-check out our compilation of scenes to see what should have stayed and what should have stayed on the cutting room floor…

CLICK HERE to view "Best & Worst Deleted Scenes From Classic Movies!"

CLICK HERE to view "Best & Worst Deleted Scenes From Classic Movies!"

CLICK HERE to view "Best & Worst Deleted Scenes From Classic Movies!"

CLICK HERE to view "Best & Worst Deleted Scenes From Classic Movies!"

CLICK HERE to view "Best & Worst Deleted Scenes From Classic Movies!"

[Image via 20th Century Fox/Marvel.]

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Oops, Macklemore Just Referenced A Fake Meryl Streep Quote In New Interview!

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During an interview on the Zach Sang Show on Thursday, Macklemore proved he got swayed by some fake news when he referenced what he thought was a Meryl Streep quote — one that was proven to be fake after a 2015 Facebook post went viral from a fan account.

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When discussing criticism online, the 34-year-old mentioned a quote he saw from "Meryl" on Instagram:

"She posted something that was like, you know, my first audition or one of my first auditions, they told me I wasn't pretty enough and that was a pivotal moment for her to either keep going or to stop and she chose to keep going and 18 Academy Awards later or 23—18 or 23—I don't know. An exorbitant amount of Academy Awards."

Well, first of all, the legendary actress doesn't have an IG… but also she's won three Oscars (20 nominations). Eep.

Watch the uh-oh moment (below):

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Gird Your Loins! This Deleted Scene From The Devil Wears Prada May Be The Single Worst You'll Ever See!

What. The Eff. Is this nonsense??

Usually deleted scenes give you a little more depth, a little more character motivation, or maybe a little more subplot — rarely do they ruin an entire movie!

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Thankfully, The Devil Wears Prada was saved from this recently rediscovered scene, in which Emily (Emily Blunt) is nice to Andy (Anne Hathaway) for no reason then Miranda (Meryl Streep) even says THANK YOU.

It's basically a bunch of people doing each other solids and being incredibly sweet. And it's TERRIBLE!

Ch-ch-check it out for yourself (above)!

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