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Kate Gosselin's Mother Has Something To Say To Wicked Aunt Jodi All The Haters!

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Oh, shiz!

Even Grandma's getting into the drama!

Kate Gosselin and her parenting skills are pretty regularly subject to criticism, most notably from her nefarious sister-in-law, Aunt Jodi - who appeared on the show until producers refused to pay her, so she then campaigned against it in the name of the kid's 'well-being' - but it appears that the reality mom's mother, Charlene Kreider, has had enough of it!

Kreider allegedly put Jodi and her sister, Julie, on blast in the following message, posted on Imperfectwomen.com:

"Regarding Julie and Jodie I can tell you that they would NEVER say they were wrong–I know them personally of course–Jodie being my daughter-in-law and i have been around Julie MANY times over the years. I will defend my daughter, Kate before my daughter-in-law. Jodie has been very unkind to me over the years. She and Julie ARE NOT nice people. The GWOPers think Jodie hung the moon–they are very misinformed. They have said that SHE should raise Kate’s kids because she is SO wonderful!! Jodie just LOVED being on tv and milked it for all it was worth!! When she couldn’t be paid to be on the show her next move was to claim it was harmful to the kida to be on tv!! Hmmmm..funny how it wasn’t harmful to the kids during the time SHE was on the show!! Suddenly it was harmful so she (AND my son) found another way to get in front of the camera and make money–be a child advocate!! And since they couldn’t be on tv anymore, they tried to get the show shut down–that’s called jealousy!!

OK I guess my rant is over–the whole thing still makes me very mad. Kate is a great mom–loves her kids more than anyone or anything and would do anything for them. I know this firsthand, people, so please stop tearing her down!! I am not saying this to the people on IW–I know you are on Kate’s side. I guess I am just venting!

If people like Pennmommy would use all that energy for a GOOD cause, just think how much better our world would be!!! Just sayin’….."


Nice going, Grandma! Shut down those haters!

And we're relieved that somebody finally told Aunt Jodi where to stick it!

Say what you want about Kate, but that woman has clearly always had an agenda!

What do U think?? Team Kate or Team Aunt Jodi??

[Images via AP Images.]

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Elton John Promotes Tolerance In Light Of Gay Suicides!

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He always seems to be right on the mark when he speaks about these matters!

Elton John has come forward to express his dismay and disappointment not only with the recent string of gay bullying in this country that have led to devastating suicides, but also with the hateful, homophobic and callous comments that are being written on internet message boards by anonymous posters regarding the tragedies!

He explains:

"People were saying gays should be beaten up, we're not part of God's universe. What kind of mentality is this? When I first came here, it was such a loving country. It's never been in a more horrible place. This is not the America I love. We've come so far, with a black president, it's mystifying that this can still be going on. Jesus Christ taught tolerance. That's the example we should follow. We should forgive, understand, be compassionate. We're not all the same. Thank God! It would be so boring."

He also uses that viewpoint as an explanation for agreeing to sing at conservative Rush Limbaugh's wedding this past summer:

"We talked a lot before I did it, and I was surprised how much I liked (him). If I had done it just for the money, I could have seen 40 years of my reputation go down the tube. As a gay man, I felt it my duty to find out what this guy thought. I did that before I played there. I felt there was a real reason for me going. I said, 'I suppose you're wondering what the fuck I'm doing here,' and they collapsed in laughter. It took the heat off. I said, 'I'm probably the most famous gay man in the world. I'm coming in peace. Please, let's not say people are horrible because they're different. That's not acceptable in this day and age.' It was a good audience. There's much more of a person in there than the public knows. I believe dialogue is a way forward. Come on, what era are we living in?"

Wonderful insight! And such a way with words!

You can't deny that the man makes a strong case for himself!

We think John has the right attitude with this! At the end of the day, we all don't have to agree with one another, but there is no reason and no excuse for anyone to make anyone else feel as if they are any less of a human being, or treat them as such!

It's time to not only promote tolerance, but also respect!

[Image via WENN.]

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Paris Hilton Invites A Fan To Come Over And Meet Her Pets!

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Well, isn't that sweet?

Paris Hilton must be attempting to deflect all the negative press she's been receiving lately by giving back to her fans - with the help of all of her animal friends!

One of whom she calls her 'Little Hiltons' wrote this message on her messageboard:

All the rumors that are out right now about Paris are so ridiculous! Seriously, if anyone is on drugs right now, it's whoever is coming up with all these crazy lies. I read something today that was so messed up and disgusting that it literally made me feel sick. These reporters are out of their minds! I don't know how you deal with all this, Paris :( :( But at the same time, I don't think all the people who make up stories about you understand that they're nothing to you. They're just lunatics that sit at a desk all day and think of weird things to write about and blog about, because they're mad at the world for some reason. I wish they would keep their crazy imaginations inside their journals, or something.

These people are nothing to be upset about, Paris. They're maniacs who are trying to make it seem like you're on their same level, because deep down they're jealous and they probably hate their lives. I know that the things they say are hurtful, untrue, and like you said, disgusting, but someone as amazing as you should not pay any attention to disgusting people like them :)

Little Hilton love forever!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo, Malini

This message must have touched the heiress' heart, because she responded with a personal letter, and invited Malini to come and hang out with she and her pets!

Paris wrote back:

Thanks Malini, they are truly sick in their heads. People are so pathetic to invent all these crazy stories. I honestly don't understand how people can be so sadistic and cruel. I wish they would leave me alone, it really hurts my feelings. But then I come on here an read all the posts from my Little Hiltons and it really makes me happy. Cause I realize that it doesn't matter what these losers write, cause you all know the real me. And I only care about what you all think.
Love you girl
Let me know the next time you come to LA, I'd love to invite you over to my house and show you all my pets.
Love Paris xoxoxoxoxoox


Let's hope that she holds true to her word and her animals get a play date with a Little Hilton!


[Image via WENN.]

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