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Tom Cruise’s Son Connor Sends Homophobic Text To Openly Gay Publicist

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Tom Cruise’s Son Connor Sends Homophobic Text To Openly Gay Publicist

Don't joke about the Patriots, or Tom Cruise’s 17-year-old son may flip his shit!

Privileged celeb-u-kid, Connor Cruise, need to get a since of humor and respect.

On Super Bowl Sunday Connor did not make daddy Tom or momma Nicole Kidman, proud when he blew up at openly gay publicists Todd Krim for jokingly tweeting after the game:

“Sorry @TheConnorCruise maybe next year!!!”

Krim says Connor responded by texting him back, saying:

“That was a gay ass f@cking tweet . . . U don’t say shit like that about my team the second they lose. Low.”

Krim, who heads entertainment/charity Web site Give Back Hollywood and helped promote DJ gigs for mini-Cruise replied:

“Umm ok . . . Dude I was f@cking joking.”

To which the mature young Curies responded:

“That was f@cked. I don't give a f@ck!"

These text have ended Krim's relationship with Cruise. He say his comments are "highly offensive and what I consider homophobic," and told colleagues:

“I am no longer working with Connor Cruise. In fact, I am no longer speaking with [him].I refuse to be professionally (or even personally) associated with someone that engages in this sort of behavior."

Clearly Conner has been taught he can get away with anything. We hope he learns something from this!

[Image via WENN.]

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Sssssshh! If Your Toddler Cries You May Get Evicted!

These Guys Face Eviction Cause Their Toddler Acts Like A Toddler

WTF is wrong with people?? Specifically the neighbors of the Nicola Baylis and Tim Richold.

The British couple were recently informed that they have to move cause — neighbors say — their 2-year-old daughter is too "noisy".

Her parents don't get it. They say toddler, Skye, is not making any noises that are out of the ordinary for a child. Her Mom is shocked that no one has sympathy for the parents of a young child that sometime cries, she says:

"I can't believe we're going to be made homeless because of a toddler. She's just being a toddler and has no idea how loud she's being."

The apartment company says the couple violated a contract they agreeing to not "run up the stairs, to prevent her dog from barking, and to cease to use her daughter as an excuse for noise that emanates from her apartment."

A chief housing officer with ental company, Nexus Housing, says they won't be thrown out just yet:

"This is very much the first stage in the process and any decision to repossess the property would have to be by a court."

So now, if they want to keep their home, they'll have to pay out he nose in legal fees.

No one says raising a kid is easy!

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So Disturbing: Teacher Gagged And Photographed Kids

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WARNING: The video above describes some the the most disturbing shiz we've EVER heard!

LA Sheriff says an LA elementary school teacher teacher has been arrested on charges of abusing at least 23 children in his classroom.

The main evidence in the case is hundreds of photos of children that the 61-year-old teacher took in his classroom. The horrible photos show the kids blindfolded, sometimes with their mouths taped shut, sometimes with roaches, and worst of all — being fed human fluids. SO MESSED UP!!

If there's any justice in the world the teacher will be sent to jail for the rest of his life, where he'll be forced to have a healthy serving a human fluids every single day.

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Bunch Of Bullies Jump A Defenseless Teen — Then Post It On YouTube To Show Off!

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This is so AWFUL!!!!!

WARNING: The content in the video is incredibly violent, contains inappropriate language and is NOT intended for children.

This 17-year-old victim was jumped by SEVEN "tough guys" that stole his shoes, wallet, and money — after brutally beating him.

The dumbass who originally posted the video (above) bragged about his part in ganging up on this defenseless teen. Obvi, he doesn't have a lot going for him.

Howeves, once the police saw the video the attackers decided to take it down.

Wentworth Area detectives are investigating the assault. As of Monday morning, detectives said they were questioning several people, but no one was in custody.

We wish them tons of luck! These guys must be stopped!

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Teen Mom Star Leah Messer Is Pregnant With Twins… AGAIN!!!

Leah Messer


Last week we were totally annoyed to hear that Teen Mom star Leah Messer is pregnant again. (will she ever learn?) BUT today we were shocked to hear that the 19-year-old divorcee is having twins… AGAIN!!

What are the odds?

You'd think the broke teen would be less than pleased about the extra set of mouths, but according to friends she's totes thrilled about having a second set — and it's not cause she loves babies. A pal of Leah claims that:

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High School Prank Forces Students To Make Out With Their Parents

OMG! EW!!!

The prank, which took place at the end-of-the-year "pepfest," involved blindfolding a group of students in front of everyone, and instructing them to wait for a kiss from "a special someone," — their parents!

THEN they poor little Oedipuses were asked to describe the kiss from the mystery lips. SOO messed up!

Watch the video (above) to heat their funny/utterly disturbing answers — if you think you can stomach it!

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3-year-old Kept in Room, Door Nailed

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Just Awful!!

Police in Georgia say some horrible mother and her boyfriend kept their 3-YEAR-OLD locked in a room, the door nailed shut. When authorities broke down the door, they found filthy conditions.

The mom — who is pregnant, btw, — and the bf are facing charges of child abuse cruelty and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Hopefully this poor child will be put in a better home.

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