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The Osbournes Weigh In On Lindsanity!


Lindsanity should listen up!

Both Sharon and Kelly Osbourne are weighing in on the trainwreck that has become Lindsay Lohan's life, and have some pretty solid advice for the hard-pAArtying, meth-faced actress!

Sharon says:

"I would just tell her, 'The judge has made her decision; take your time, don't waste the time, just learn, sit there and think and learn - and it will fly by…' She needs to be good to herself. Before you know it, she'll be out, she'll have her own reality show, her own TV talk show… I haven't known one person that hasn't gone in jail and come out without having their own show."

Yeah, we're not sure about that one, Sharon, but it's a nice sentiment!

Kelly adds:

"Lindsay Lohan’s been sentenced to 90 days in jail after failing to attend alcohol education classes that were part of a probation order. My heart breaks for her, because we used to be friends and I hate to see her in such a bad place. The reality is, if you break the law you have to pay the price. I’m really hoping this will be the wake-up call she needs to sort her life out and get back to the old Lindsay we all love. She’s a really talented actress and I’d love to see her get her life back on track. I have to say though; writing “Fuck You” on her fingernail for the court hearing was a really silly move."

Yeah! Silly, foul, and effing STOOPID!

We think they give her way too much credit, but that's just because they're nice people!

Hopefully something will click in that little drunk's head and she'll start listening to people who only want the best for her!

But we won't hold our breath!

[Image via WENN.]

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Leave Lindsanity Alone, She Says!

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Life is so hard for Lindsanity LOLhan.

The wacktress is once again living in her imaginary sunshine unicorn world of delusion, where she of course, is 'fiiiiiine' - despite, you know, the fact that she ignores the terms of her probation and sets off her SCRAM bracelet by magically getting alcohol in her system!

She says:

"Enough is enough. People should just leave me alone and let me live. I haven't touched any alcohol or anything of the sort. The lies that get created [are] damaging to my career."


Sorry, bb, but what career? That ship sailed away into an ocean of vodka redbulls a looong time ago!

How about you get your life together, stop being a publicity-obsessed, methfaced trainwreck of a human being, and then maybe everyone will leave you alone and let you 'live!'

Just saying!

[Image via WENN.]

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Sookie Rejoice! No Lindsanity On True Blood!

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Sorry, Lindsanity!

The trainwreck, who is notoriously vocal about her love of the show True Blood and her desire to guest-star on it, doesn't appear to have any fans on the set of the HBO series!

When asked if the show's producers would cast the hard-pAArtying wacktress as a guest star, Ryan Kwanten, who plays the seksi dumbass Jason Stackhouse, said:

"Not in the forseeable future."


That's what we like to hear!

The last thing that show needs is her coked-out antics and fugly methface!

What do U think?? Should Lindsanity be given a shot on True Blood??

[Image via WENN.]

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Lindsanity Lands Another Acting Gig!


Now it's just a question of how long it will take them to drop her!

Sources claim that Japanese director Ryuhei Kitamura has cast Lindsanity LOLhan in his 3D horror film Black Friday!

The story will apparently involve a man attempting to avenge his sister by seeking out a serial killer with his friends.

Sounds like a real winner!

And what an inspired casting choice! Everyone knows that she brought the horror genre to a new level of stoopidity with her masterpiece, I Know Who Killed Me!

But does anyone really want to see LiLo's methface in 3D??


This will be over before it's started - just like every other role she's landed in the past year.

Even if girl doesn't land in jail, there's no way she's going to show up on set. She's always just too busy work work working!


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The She-Pratt Talks More Crazy Than Her Douchey Brother!


WTF?? This is some Orange Oprah caliber delusion!

Stephanie Pratt seems to think that despite her brother Spencer's psychotic douchebaggery, her sister-in-law Heidi's ridiculous plastic surgeries, and their sexual harrassment claims against The Hills creator Adam DiVello, they're still role models!

Yeah. We know.

She says:

"I think we've all grown up. The problem is that anything bad we do is so magnified. We all did a pretty good job of being OK role models for everyone. He's my big brother and I hope he knows that I love him…I don't know how they are, but I heard they're still really happy. I really stay out of it. I don't know what's going on."

The only thing that's grown with your age is your famewhoring crazy, bb!! That, and you're FUG!


[Image via WENN.]

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