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Pamela Anderson Fears For WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange's Life In New THR Feature: 'He's Cut Off From Everybody'

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Who would have ever thought Pamela Anderson's name would constantly get mixed up with Donald Trump, Julian Assange, and even Vladimir Putin.

A regular International Woman of Mystery!

In a new feature with The Hollywood Reporter, the 50-year-old actress talked about meeting the WikiLeaks founder "years ago" through designer Vivienne Westwood.

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Assange has been seeking political asylum at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London as he avoids facing extradition to Sweden over a rape allegation and espionage charges in the United States.

Still, Pamela thinks he's misunderstood. She should know… as she claims they talk about everything:

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Sexual Abuse Survivor Calls Out Tony Robbins' Shitty Stance On The #MeToo Movement — WATCH!

Good for Nanine McCool!

That's the name of the woman who confronted Tony Robbins at one of his latest mindless drone events leadership and self-help conferences in a video that is now going viral all over the Internet (above)!!!

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When McCool calls out Robbins for not really understanding the #MeToo movement, he pushes back by literally pushing her back in this weird "hold out your fist" exercise he instructs her to do, before sharing an anecdote with her about a "very powerful man" that he knows.

Thankfully, McCool never backs down, and keeps strong in calling Tony out on his anti-#MeToo, sexual misconduct denying bullshit!

And she wasn't afraid to call Robbins' pushing exercise out for the bull shit that it was (below):

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Was Wonder Woman Star Lynda Carter Sexually Abused By Bill Cosby???

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Lynda Carter came forward with her own #MeToo story on Monday — but did she tell us more than she said out loud??

In an interview with The Daily Beast, the original Wonder Woman revealed she too had been the victim of sexual abuse but refused to come out and say who her abuser was.

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She did, however, give some big clues, starting with the fact he's currently facing consequences and had violated "a lot of people." She said:

"He's already being done in. There's no advantage in piling on again."

But then, apparently apropos of nothing, she added:

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Reese Witherspoon Says Women In Hollywood Have Been Swapping #MeToo Stories For DECADES — But Only Now Has 'The World Started Believing Us'

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You might be shocked over the number of sexual harassment stories flooding the media, but Reese Witherspoon isn't!

The Big Little Lies star has become an empowering voice behind the Time's Up initiative since sharing stories of enduring abuse and assault both personally and professionally in the past.

But years before she was sharing her truth in print, the actress was swapping horror stories in private with other women in showbiz.

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That's why Reese isn't the least bit surprised to hear stories of sexual harassment coming out in industries outside of Hollywood as well.

In a cover interview for the March issue of Marie Claire, she explained:

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Donald Trump Lashes Out At The #MeToo Movement, Argues For 'Due Process' For Accused

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It's been a tough week to be a domestic violence-committing dip-shit in Donald Trump's White House!

Earlier this week, Rob Porter — a key aide to the President — resigned after it was revealed that both of his ex-wives said he beat and physically abused them.

And on Friday, a second member of Trump's team — speechwriter David Sorenson — had to resign as well after domestic abuse allegations surfaced against him.

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Not surprisingly, Trump isn't taking this well at all!!

On Saturday morning, The Donald got on Twitter and decided to lash out against the #MeToo movement by arguing for "due process."

Here are the stupid things he had to say (below):

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Amber Tamblyn Is 'Pro-Anger' When It Comes To Women's Rights: 'We Need To Fucking Hear It'

Amber Tamblyn

One voice that has always been fighting for women's rights is Amber Tamblyn's — even before the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke.

Now, here we are in this watershed moment and The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants star is crediting female anger to the change we're seeing.

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In a new feature for Buzzfeed News, the 34-year-old actress says Donald Trump's presidency has only radicalized her even more:

"I am pro-anger. I am anti-passivity."

She went on:

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Dylan Farrow Just Shaded The HELLLLL Out Of Justin Timberlake On Twitter! Quote Of The Day!

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On Tuesday, Justin Timberlake (who has recently worked for accused sexual abuser Woody Allen) tweeted:

"Random question: Can someone please explain the saying, 'You just want your cake and to eat it too.' What else am I about to do with a cake??"

To which Dylan Farrow (the woman who has accused Woody Allen of sexual abuse) responded:

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