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Mice Perform Incredible Tricks For Peanuts

Filed under: AmazingMouse

Whoa! What??

We knew mice could be surprisingly smart but jeez!!

It's ahmayzing the things a mouse will do just for a few peanuts!

Seriously, these mice are so freakin' smart it's scary!

Running and jumping and things like that we can understand… but slam dunking basketballs?!?

How do you even begin to teach a mouse that??

Check out the video (above) and try to figure it out for yourself because we're stumped and amazed!

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Human Brain Cells Boost Mouse Memory!!

Filed under: Science!Mouse


This is some serious crazy science awesomeness!!

Researchers have grafted human brain cells into the brains of mice!

They then tested learning and memory in the mice.

What'd they find?

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Three Blind Mice No More! Cell Transplant Allows Mice To See!

Filed under: InspirationHealthScience!CrazzzzyMouse


Three blind mice…three blind mice…SEE how they run!

After receiving retinal implants, a group of mice now have the ability to see for the first time.

This is a HUGE step towards helping humans with eye diseases!!!!

Scientists used an extremely fine needle to

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Airports May Employ Bomb Sniffing Mice??

Filed under: Mouse


An Israeli company, BioExplorers, has been training mice to sniff out bombs and narcotics!

They want to send the rodents into airports to help with security!

No, they don't plan on just letting tons of mice loose into airports… that sounds just awful.

What they want to do is

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Man Drinks Ten Mouse Milkshake

Filed under: Disgusting!Mouse

Oh no… we think we're gonna be sick.

This is truly disgusting on so many levels.

Louis, from Food For Louis on Youtube, blends ten dead feeder mice into a shake and then DRINKS IT!

Check out the above video if you have an iron stomach, like this guy must have.

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Seven New Species of Mammals Discovered in Philippines

Filed under: DiscoveryMouse

Seven New Species of Mammals Discovered

Adorable Find!

Seven new forest mouse species have come out of hiding on Luzon, the largest island of the Philippines, researchers announced Monday.

Observations of each mouse's morphology as well as genetics suggest the seven newbies are part of a new subgenus called Megapomys, which is part of the genus Apomys. These mice are relatively large, weighing less than a half pound tails that are as long as, or slightly shorter, than the length of the animal's body and head.

"It is extraordinary that so many new species of mammals remain to be discovered in the Philippines, And we are nowhere close to the end of our discoveries. The Philippines may have the greatest concentration of unique species of animals of any country in the world,"

according to Danilo Balete, leader of the project's field team.

There's hoping they discover a dragon or a unicorn next!

Photo: Velizar Simeonovski, The Field Museum

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Larry The Cat (Finally) Does His Job

Filed under: CatMouseHunting

Larry the cat finally does his jon

About time!

It's been over two months after we posted about the British prime minister adopting a 4-year-old tabby cat named Larry to catch mice.

Having once been a wild cat, Larry was known for his "strong predatory drive," but those campaign promises that got him hired didn't have any merit.

Larry was not the mouser they said he was, instead of hunting the lazy kitty has been enjoying the sweet life at the prime minister's famous residence, 10 Downing Street.

But last Friday, Larry finally made good on his promise. The kitty came from the Downing Street garden — with a mouse in his mouth. And, there might be more where that came from!

Larry has time still left in his term to bring out more of the predator within.

[Image via AP Images.]

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