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Scientists Find Skin Cancer Drug That Reverses Alzheimer's In Mice

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Yay for science!

Researchers found that a skin cancer treatment cured Alzheimer's disease in mice VERY quickly!

In a study by Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, researchers gave mega doses of bexarotene to Alzheimer's stricken mice. Within 72 hours, the mice's memory improved and half of the amyloid plaque was gone.

The scientists are quick to point that it is mice, not humans, they're dealing with.

But there is good news; since bexarotene is already FDA approved, the next phase can happen sooner than if it was a new drug.

The next phase includes testing on healthy and cancer stricken patients.

Let's hope the success continues!

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Pepsi Says Mountain Dew Is So EXTEEEEEME That It Will Dissolve Mouse Carcasses

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Mountain Dew Mouse Jelly

We're not so sure this is something to brag about, but they did it anyway!

There's this guy who's suing Pepsi because he claims to have found a dead mouse in his can of Mountain Dew. That's gross. That's gross even if it IS faked.

The thing is, Pepsi says that's not possible, because from the time of canning to the time of opening, that mouse carcass that he found would have been dissolved into a mousy goo — and not the relatively unharmed body that he claims to have found:

"The mouse would have dissolved in the soda had it been in the can from the time of its bottling until the day the plaintiff drank it."

MMMmmm! And people are putting gallons of this stuff in their bodies every year!

Yeah, it would suck to be sued for something like this, and it would suck for everyone to know that there might be mice in their drinks, but is it much better to tell people they're consuming mouse-dissolving-grade chemicals??


[Image via AP Images.]

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Experimental Cancer Vaccine Reduces Tumors Up To 80%

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new cancer vaccine reduces tumor

Yay! Science has just given cancer patients an awesome Christmas present in the form of a vaccine proven to shrink cancerous tumors in mice by up to 80 percent.

Although it has only been demonstrated to be effective against similar mouse versions of breast and pancreatic tumors, researchers believe it can work for other types as well, including colorectal and ovarian cancers and multiple myeloma.

This is a breakthrough in cancer research that has been decades in the making. Sandra Gendler, a professor at the Mayo Clinic which partnered with the University of Georgia to develop the vaccine, said:

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Man Drinks Ten Mouse Milkshake

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Oh no… we think we're gonna be sick.

This is truly disgusting on so many levels.

Louis, from Food For Louis on Youtube, blends ten dead feeder mice into a shake and then DRINKS IT!

Check out the above video if you have an iron stomach, like this guy must have.

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Chocolate Can Help You Work Out

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Dark Chocolate Work Out

We're afraid you didn't understand that title. What we said was:


Though, not in the quantity that you think.

Everyone knows that there have been proven health benefits to eating a small amount of dark chocolate occasionally. Like, being less likely to develop high blood pressure, heart disease, or suffer from strokes.

What we didn't know until now is that there's something in dark chocolate that can boost and enhance your work out at the cellular level. And that something is called epicatechin.

Mice were give liquid form of epicatechin. There were four groups. Without and Exercise, Without and Sedentary, With and Exercise, and With and Sedentary.

What they found was that the "with" categories largely out performed on the treadmill after a while than those without. Yes, even the "with and sedentary" category:

By and large, the animals that had been drinking water were the first to give out during the treadmill test. They became exhausted more quickly than the animals that had received epicatechin. Even the control mice that had lightly exercised grew tired more quickly than the nonexercising mice that had been given epicatechin. The fittest rodents, however, were those that had combined epicatechin and exercise. They covered about 50 percent more distance than the control animals.

The muscle biopsies offered some explanation for their dominance. The muscles of all of the animals that had been given epicatechin contained new capillaries, as well as biochemical markers indicating that their cells were making new mitochondria. Mitochondria are structures in cells that produce cellular energy. The more functioning mitochondria a muscle contains, the healthier and more fatigue-resistant it is.

The leg muscles of the mice that had been given epicatechin and exercised displayed far more mitochondrial activity than the leg muscles of the control mice. Even the mice that had drunk epicatechin and not exercised contained markers of increased mitochondrial health, suggesting that the flavonol prompts a physiological reaction even among the sedentary. But that response is greatly heightened by exercise, no matter how slight.


Now, how much chocolate does that translate to? 4 or so bars?

Yeah, right. We're talking half of a square. And no, more is not better. More could be detrimental to the effects.

The fact of the matter is that we don't know the magical dose quite yet, but hey: At least it's chocolate!

[Image via AP Images.]

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Seven New Species of Mammals Discovered in Philippines

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Seven New Species of Mammals Discovered

Adorable Find!

Seven new forest mouse species have come out of hiding on Luzon, the largest island of the Philippines, researchers announced Monday.

Observations of each mouse's morphology as well as genetics suggest the seven newbies are part of a new subgenus called Megapomys, which is part of the genus Apomys. These mice are relatively large, weighing less than a half pound tails that are as long as, or slightly shorter, than the length of the animal's body and head.

"It is extraordinary that so many new species of mammals remain to be discovered in the Philippines, And we are nowhere close to the end of our discoveries. The Philippines may have the greatest concentration of unique species of animals of any country in the world,"

according to Danilo Balete, leader of the project's field team.

There's hoping they discover a dragon or a unicorn next!

Photo: Velizar Simeonovski, The Field Museum

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Larry The Cat (Finally) Does His Job

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Larry the cat finally does his jon

About time!

It's been over two months after we posted about the British prime minister adopting a 4-year-old tabby cat named Larry to catch mice.

Having once been a wild cat, Larry was known for his "strong predatory drive," but those campaign promises that got him hired didn't have any merit.

Larry was not the mouser they said he was, instead of hunting the lazy kitty has been enjoying the sweet life at the prime minister's famous residence, 10 Downing Street.

But last Friday, Larry finally made good on his promise. The kitty came from the Downing Street garden — with a mouse in his mouth. And, there might be more where that came from!

Larry has time still left in his term to bring out more of the predator within.

[Image via AP Images.]

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