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Shocking New Evidence LINKS Stormy Daniels & Russian Collusion — All Of Donald Trump's Many Scandals EXPLAINED!

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It looks like Donald Trump's two biggest scandals are linked by — what else? — money.

Hot attorney Michael Avenatti dropped a bombshell on this entire case late Tuesday — a summary of evidence that the fund Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen set up to pay Stormy Daniels was apparently being used for something else — it was taking in MILLIONS of dollars.

That includes $200K from AT&T (who are now benefitting from the change to net neutrality) and $400K from big pharma company Novartis (with whom the president had a private meeting afterward), who have both confirmed the payments — though not any wrongdoing…

It's all starting to look a lot like bribery in exchange for influence on the POTUS, what lawyers call "pay-to-play."

But that's not the most scandalous part! One company that transferred HALF A MILLION DOLLARS for "a consulting fee" is Columbus Nova, an American affiliate of Renova Group, the business of (drumroll) Viktor Vekselberg!

OK, we didn't know the name either, but he's one of the Russian oligarchs who got sanctioned in March over Russia's cyberattacks on the U.S. — and closely tied to (drumroll) President Vladimir Putin.

It looks to the layperson like Michael Cohen was too lazy to set up two different shell companies, one for hush money payments and one to take in bribes — and now we have more evidence than ever before of Trump's corruption!

Need some more background on BOTH of these scandals? And all the others too??

CLICK HERE to view "Too Many Trump Scandals? Get The Breakdowns HERE!"

CLICK HERE to view "Too Many Trump Scandals? Get The Breakdowns HERE!"

CLICK HERE to view "Too Many Trump Scandals? Get The Breakdowns HERE!"

CLICK HERE to view "Too Many Trump Scandals? Get The Breakdowns HERE!"

CLICK HERE to view "Too Many Trump Scandals? Get The Breakdowns HERE!"

[Image via NBC/WENN.]

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Did Twitter Identify Stormy Daniels' Threatening Thug?? See The Evidence!

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Donald Trump may want you to believe the threat against Stormy Daniels is "fake news" — but based on Michael Cohen's legal troubles over the past week, their credibility just keeps dropping.

Stormy and hot lawyer Michael Avenatti finally released the sketch of the man she claims threatened her back in 2012, and since then the Internet has been on the case!

(A $131,000 reward will do that! LOLz!)

Video: Colbert Grills James Comey About Trump, Hillary, & 'The Pee Pee Tape'

While most folks on Twitter were less serious — yes, the sketch does look a bit like Trump's old golf buddy Tom Brady, but come on! — some have really been looking.

One possible ID was shared in a somewhat convincing video:

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Stormy Daniels Defends Herself Against Meghan McCain On The View AND Reveals Sketch Of Man Who Threatened Her!

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Lawyer Michael Avenatti is all over TV, but it's rare Stormy Daniels comes out and faces the tough questions herself.

Except on Tuesday, the adult film star answered every question the ladies of The View could come up with about her alleged affair with Donald Trump, her case, and the threats against her!

As usual, Meghan McCain was the voice of not-exactly-defending Trump but kinda pretty much doing that; she attacked Stormy's motives as being self-serving to her face!

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Well, Stormy was not having that! She revealed for the first time how much this legal battle is costing her, both in money and career — including the door to mainstream film slamming shut (remember, she had been in multiple Seth Rogen films before all this).

All that, and the first look at the face of the man Stormy says threatened her! See the entire 5-part interview (below):

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Stormy Daniels Wants To Describe Donald Trump's Genitals 'In Great Detail' To You!

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Think Stormy Daniels already bared it all about her alleged affair with Donald Trump? Think again!

The porn star's lawyer Michael Avenatti went on Megyn Kelly Today to speak about the legal drama surrounding the $130,000 in hush money Stormy was paid by the President's lawyer.

Video: Stormy Told Seth Rogen About Her Trump Affair YEARS Ago!

When Megyn asked why Stormy kept the dough yet proceeded to spill all about the alleged affair on 60 Minutes — which the payment was made to prevent from happening — Avenatti revealed that the adult film star still has things to say that didn't make the final cut of her CBS interview.

Like, for example, a colorful description of POTUS's genitalia!

He explained on the NBC morning program:

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Stormy Daniels Sues Donald Trump's Lawyer For Defamation!

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Stormy Daniels officially gives no fucks!

On Monday, a day after her revealing 60 Minutes interview, the porn actress filed a lawsuit against Donald Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen for defamation.

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In case you forgot, Cohen reportedly arranged for the media figure to receive $130,000 to keep her from talking about an alleged 2006 Lake Tahoe sexual encounter with the now-President.

According to TMZ, Daniels and lawyer Michael Avenatti take issue with the following statement from Cohen:

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Stormy Daniels' Lawyer Tweets Out Cryptic Photo Tease — Is It The Dreaded Trump Dick Pic??

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If this whole law thing doesn't work out, Stormy Daniels' attorney has a whole other career to fall back on.

We mean, besides as a Tag Heuer model.

Michael Avenatti is fully equipped to be a professional hype man, as much as he's been amping up interest in this Sunday's 60 Minutes, in which Donald Trump's alleged mistress will finally tell her story to the American people.

Video: Karen McDougal Says Trump Called Her 'Beautiful Like' His Daughter Ivanka

Earlier Avenatti teased a reveal of physical threats in the upcoming interview with Anderson Cooper — now he's teasing photographic evidence??

He posted to Twitter Thursday night:

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WTF? Why Does Trump's Stormy Daniels NDA Mention 'Paternity' & 'Alleged Children'??

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It's hilarious Donald Trump thinks he can outmaneuver Robert Mueller.

The president's lawyers reportedly tried Friday to make a deal for an end to the investigation in exchange for his interview, something no one would ever agree to.

Meanwhile he's still losing legal ground to a porn star!

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Stormy Daniels' move of making the actual NDA public through her lawsuit is a pretty brilliant one, but it led to some BIG questions on Thursday.

Certain reporters noticed in the document legal language prohibiting Ms. Clifford from disclosing "paternity information" or "alleged children."

MSNBC anchor Lawrence O'Donnell tweeted:

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