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NYC Mayor Is Banning Overnight Jail Stays For Small-Time Pot Arrests!

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nyc mayor is banning overnight jail stays for minor marijuana busts

This is good news for anyone who smokes ganja! LOLz

On Thursday, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg gave his final state of the city address, and during his speech, he announced that anyone who gets caught with small amounts of pot will no longer be subjected to spending a night in jail. Instead, they'll just

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Hurricane Sandy Destroys Seaside Heights, Floods New York And Leaves Millions Without Power

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Lindsay Lohan was wondering why everyone was "in such a panic" about Hurricane Sandy and here's an unfortunate answer for her.

Twenty-six people have reportedly died from the "Frankenstorm" in the U.S., while 6-7 million are without power in the “the largest storm related outage in our history.”

Much of the New York City area is underwater and West Virginia has been buried in snow. Beach communities suffered the most though.

The Seaside Heights boardwalk, the New Jersey tourist attraction that provided Snooki and JWOWW with years of partying, has been completely destroyed (above).

So unbelievably sad!

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg calls the storm "the worst NYC has ever experienced" and adds

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Mayor Bloomberg Wants YOU To Breastfeed Your Baby

Are you a New York City expectant mother who's thinking about NOT breastfeeding your child?

Well, Michael Bloomberg wants to you think again.

New York City is pushing new mothers to go the more natural route of breastfeeding instead of feeding their precious little ones formulas.

Starting this September, a ton of city hospitals will try and ask new mothers to listen to their lectures on why a mother's breast milk is better for newborns than formulas.

Hospitals won't force moms to breastfeed, they'll just strongly encourage it.

The biggest name behind this new program?

Mister Michael Rubens Bloomberg himself. The long time mayor of NYC.

The initiative is called Under the Latch On NYC. Under this new program, hospitals will no longer hand out free baby formulas to moms with newborns.

Experts say breastfeeding your child has many health benefits which include saving money and is also more nutritious for infants than formulas.

Critics say the government shouldn't interfere at all, and that it is the mother's choice how she wants to feed her baby.

We think it's OK to recommend a process one believes is healthier, but is not giving out baby formulas at the hospital to try and force moms to breastfeed crossing a line?

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NYC Balances Checkbook, Discovers It Pays To Go Gay!

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Same Sexy Marriages Nyc Profitable to the tune of 259 million dollars

Now this is a rallying point we can all get behind!!

Same sex marriages aren't only spiritually and karmically profitable, but they make sounds fiscal sense too!!

Mayor Michael Bloomberg estimates they generated over $250 mil in revenue for the city!!

He revealed:

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Mayor Bloomberg Lobbies Republican New York Senators To Vote 'Yes' On Same-Sex Marriage

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Do The Right Thing

In the wake of the New York Assembly passing a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage in the state, New York City's Mayor Michael Bloomberg paid a visit to Albany to lobby for a crucial tie-break vote on same-sex marriage on Thursday.

Although 31 senators have openly said they support the bill, there needs to be 32 votes of the 62 senators voting to pass the historic law.

The NYC mayor met behind closed doors at a gathering of Senate Republicans in the capital and urged them to view same-sex nuptials as a matter of individual liberty.

Unfortunately, he left without securing any commitments from senators to vote "yes" on equality, but it's the thought that counts!

Thanks, Bloomie!

The mayor said he has been specifically pressing Senators John Flanagan of Long Island, Mark Grisanti of Buffalo and Andrew Lanza of Staten Island to consider voting for same-sex marriage. We don't want to get our hopes up, but sources say two of them have suggested there is a good chance they will vote yes!

Considering he is one of the party's BIGGEST financial supporters, we're sure SOMEONE listened to what he had to say.

When asked for a comment, he

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NYC's Counterfeit Sellers Forced To Pay Up!


New York City is fighting back against the counterfeit good sellers in the city's infamous Canal Street area of Chinatown.

After shutting down some 32 stores in 2008 from a raid that seized over $1 million in counterfeit goods, mayor Michael Bloomberg is allowing the shops to reopen so long as they pay $800,000 to the city.

The 6 figure payment deal comes as a result of a lawsuit filed by the New York State Supreme Court against the estate of Vincent Terranova, who owns the properties. The estate agreed to the $800,000 and so long as the shop owners pay it, they can reopen for "legitimate" business.

Bloomberg said in a statement:

"Property owners should know that they are responsible for what goes on in their buildings and that the hosting of illegal activity like counterfeiting is a losing proposition. Counterfeiting deprives legitimate businesses of their customers and employees of their paychecks."

It's a start, but we have a feeling tourists will still be able to snatch those Kade Spate and Cucci bags. They'll just have to look harder!

[Image via AP Images.]

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