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Man Dresses As Michael Myers From Halloween To Ask His Girlfriend To Marry Him! Creepiest Proposal EVER!

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This is so weird… but so AH-mazing!!

A woman named Katherine Canipe is going viral right now after finally sharing the proposal her boyfriend Alec made to her more than ten months ago — and it's an epic movie-inspired engagement!

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Alec takes on the film Halloween and dons the creepy Michael Myers mask in the proposal — and while that's not, ya know, the most romantic of characters, he makes it work!

Ch-ch-check out the adorbz video (below):

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What's Halloween Without Halloween?! Dimension Pulls Halloween 3D From Release Schedule

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Other than around Halloween, when can they release this flick?!

Dimension has hit the pause button on Halloween's latest incarnation, Halloween 3D.

But the plug-pulling is for a good reason. Nothing has been done yet!

For Halloween 3D to be released by October, it would had to have been started yesterday, and we don't mean that literally. Not only is there no production going on, there's no cast, no script, no nothing!

But Halloween fans shouldn't be down in the dumps just yet. The film is still in development though no date for release is in sight.

It looks like the only thing that can kill Michael Myers is a busy schedule!

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Jamie Lee Curtis Reunites With An Old Friend!

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And thankfully, it's not on the set of ANOTHER sequel!


Check out this pretty HIGHlarious shot of Jamie Lee Curtis, who played one of the original Scream queens Laurie Strode in John Carpenter's Halloween, alongside the iconic serial killer himself, Michael Myers, at sCare Foundation's 1st Annual Halloween Launch Benefit at The Conga Room at L.A. Live (above)!

Ugh! That mask!

Still gives us shivers, after all this time!

We do have to admit though, you both have aged WONDERFULLY! Ha!

Happy Halloween!

[Image via WENN.]

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Halloween 3-D Is A GO!

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It's on!

Iconic serial killer Michael Myers absolutely REFUSES to stay buried, because the much-discussed third addition the Rob Zombie-birthed reboot of the franchise, Halloween 3-D, has officially been given an October 26th, 2012 release date - despite the fact that there is no official director OR script!

Back in 2009, Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer had been attached to take on the story, which would have picked up directly after Halloween II, as the former explained:

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YES!! More Sue Sylvester When Glee Returns!!

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This could be exciting!!

Ryan Murphy, the inspired creator of Glee, claims that the show will continue to explore our beloved villainess, Sue Sylvester, played to perfection by Jane Lynch!!

He says:

"She has more scenes with her sister. There's a great romantic episode where you really see why Sue is so ambitious and ruthless. I love that character because the more we get into the run of the show, the deeper you sort of understand why she is how she is, which I love."

YES!! More Sue!!

But maybe don't make her too human! We think it might be better if she's like Michael Myers from Halloween - the less we know about her, the scarier she is!

What do U think?? Should Sue Sylvester be kept as pure trouble or should they humanize her??

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No! Actor Confirms Halloween 3!!

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Talk about beating a dead horny teenage stereotype horse!

Veteran horror actor Tom Atkins recently spilled that he's going to be involved in the second sequel to Rob Zombie's bastardization reimagining of the groundbreaking horror film Halloween!

Atkins, who ironically enough was in the original, equally shiteous Halloween III: Season of the Witch, revealed:

“They’re still looking for the money, but it’s pretty much set to go this December or early next year. Me and Scout Taylor-Compton are both going to do it. I’m a shrink in a mental hospital that Laurie [Taylor-Compton] is in with a bunch of other girls who have been up to no good. I’m trying to help them find a way to the light.”

Zombie apparently even decided he did enough damage to the horror icon with his DISASTROUS Halloween 2 and bailed on making another one!

Ugh. Time to let this franchise rest in peace, folks.

What do U think?? Do U want to see a Halloween 3???

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