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Michele Bachmann Doesn't Know What She's Talking About Once Again!

michele bachmann screws up again

Wonder if she was wearing cargo shorts at the time…

While speaking about helping businesses at a Jacksonville, Fl sandwich shop called ANGIE'S on Saturday, here's what Michele Bachmann said when she was asked if she'd lower minimum wage in the U.S.:

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Michele Bachmann Outdoes Herself, Says Hurricane Irene Is A Warning From God!

michele bachmann on hurricane irene

SOOOOOO inappropriate!

Yesterday, Michele Bachmann had the following to say when speaking in Florida about Hurricane Irene and last week's earthquake on the East Coast:

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Snap A Pic Of Michele Bachmann In A Pair Of Cargo Pants & Win $$$!!!


Politics are a lot like Hollywood. Your career is dependent on your image, how people perceive you. If you look like a slob or one-cent hooker, than people won't take you as seriously as someone who dresses in Armani or J.Crew.

Keeping that in mind, we just came across this very inneresting article about Michele Bachmann. You know, the crazy conservative homophobe who wants all of the gays to break the bonds of our “personal enslavement,” and stop teaching the next generation that being gay is "normal and natural." She also insists that evolution is just a nice "theory" and wants to give America what it deserves - a "Christian government." Putting forth these kinds of , oh let's just call them "ideologies," is apparently very good for her image.

Do you know what's really bad for her image? Cargo pants.

Oh yes! Should anyone ever catch Bachmann in a pair of plentiful, pocketed pants, that would certainly be the end of her and her plan to save America from liberal destruction as we know it! At least, that is how her press secretary made it sound like to a group of reporters traveling with Michele during a recent campaign trip. As she was laying down the rules, Alice Stewart sternly warned the six travelling chroniclers on Bachmann's corporate jet:

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Barbarian Flash Mob Baptizes "Marcus Bachmann" To Lady GaGa's Born This Way

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A barbarian horde was spotted outside of Michele and Marcus Bachmann’s “gay conversion” clinic. The flash mob protest was inspired by Marcus Bachmann’s comment that gays are “barbarians who need to be disciplined.”

Wow. Just wow.

The “horde” stood outside the office, chanting, “You can’t pray away the gay, baby I was born this way!”

Finally, “Marcus” confronted the horde, trying to pray away their gay. As one would expect, the barbarian horde didn’t submit. They instead began a fabulously choreographed dance to Lady GaGa's Born This Way then baptized him in glitter. This of course led “Marcus” to join their ranks.

One of the even organizers,

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Ugh! Michele Bachmann Wants To Reinstate 'Don't Ask Don't Tell'

michele bachmann wants to bring back dadt

She continues to outdo herself!

Major progress was made in the US when President Barack Obama officially repealed 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' last month, allowing gays to serve openly in the military…but Michele Bachmann did not approve.

If she were to become President, Michele has said that she would bring back DADT:

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