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Gross. Sluts McGee 'Apologizes' To Sandra Bullock!


She speaks!

Trash-tastic white supremicist and homewrecker Sluts McGee gave an interview with an Australian television network today, and she brings the LOLz when she puts on her best 'I'm Sorry' face and acts like she's some sort of victim of Jesse James' deceit, too!

She says:

"I'd like to say, Sandra, I'm sorry, I'm sorry for your embarrassment, I am sorry this is all public. I feel bad for Sandra, I know what she must be going through, she would be hurt, devastated, hurt and embarrassed. What does he think he is Tiger Woods now? You go to sex rehab and your marriage is back together? He was deceptive to a lot of people. I think he should be going to lie rehab and not sex rehab. When she said this man has my back, (I thought) no, he doesn't have your back, he is doing it behind your back. It was gross. I feel good that Sandra does know the truth about it, I might seem like the bad guy right now, but I did open her eyes to a man who didn't have a back."


How about, 'I'm sorry I had sex with your husband?'

You knew you were fucking a married man, you twat, so shut the hell up!

You're just as gross as he is! No one, especially not Sandra, wants to hear what you have to say!!

[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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Michelle "Bombshell" McGee Used To Sleep With Pink's Husband!!

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Apparently Jesse James was not Michelle "Bombshell" McGee's first celeb conquest!

We're not surprised!

The homewrecker's ex-husband Shane Modica has now revealed the details of an affair between McGee and Pink's husband, Carey Hart!!!


The two met at the ASR convention in San Diego back in September 2008, when Hart and Pink were separated, and Carey even went numerous times to watch McGee dance at the strip club she works at!

“I knew about her fling with Carey Hart, Michelle told me that she had slept with him," tells Modica. "She flew out to Las Vegas to see him but she was upset that they never got to spend as much time together as she expected too."

But it soon came to an end, says Shane: "One of her female friends was friendly with Carey also and Michelle got angry that things did not pan out as they expected."

"It is so typical of Michelle because she always goes for the guy who she thinks has the deepest pockets. It’s horrible because she sleeps with anybody who she believes can help her out," he explains.


But we wonder how Pink feels about this newfound information????

[Image via WENN.]

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Michelle "Bombshell" McGee Claims She's Not A Nazi!

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Jesse James' whore, Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, is filing for custody of her son against Shane Modica - and she's denying her penchant for the Nazis.

"I do NOT have a swastika tattoo on me," she said. "I do NOT show my children how to 'Nazi salute.'"

We don't necessarily believe her but she continued to defend herself against all allegations.

McGee said:

"The child block magnets spelling 'white power' was NOT of my doing. Friends of Shane's did this and gave the picture to Shane upon HIS requested (sic) so he could use it against me in court.

I do NOT do any pornography in my house. I do NOT do any webcam 'sessions' from my home with my children present."

She claims that her ex is making up these stories so he can get custody and leave the country!


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Of Course He Did! Jesse James Reportedly Filmed Over A Dozen Sex Tapes With His Whores.


We wouldn't put anything past this douchebag anymore.

Sources are claiming that Jesse James, who is quickly becoming the lead competitor in Fucktard of the Year, filmed over 12 homemade sex tapes with his various Neo-Nazi gutter pigs while he was married to Sandra Bullock!

The source claims:

“Most of the tapes feature a mass amount of Nazi paraphernalia. It’s all really quite disturbing. What I saw was a naked woman on her knees and Jesse in a Nazi hat waving his arm in a salute. It looked like the woman’s hands were bound. He was shouting and singing and appearing to swig from a bottle of bourbon every now and then. They could end up being made public just like the photo of Jesse giving the Nazi salute. There’s no doubt some of these tapes could leak and end up on the Internet.”

And we're sure it's only a matter of time before they do!

We doubt Sandra was foolish enough to participate in one of these cinematic endeavors - although she did make Speed 2: Cruise Control and Forces of Nature - but who wants to bet that Sluts McGee is going to rear her busted, tattooed tittays head in one of these clips??


[Image via WENN.]

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Trashy Vs. Trashier! Bombshell McGee To Ref Homewrecking Hailey's Fight!

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The fame-hungry homewrecking "mistresses" have put their tits together and come up with a novel idea!

On May 7th at the Polaris Club in Philly, Michelle "Bombshell" McGee will ref a Celebrity Boxing Federation match between Hailey Glassman and some porn chick!!

"Instead of getting between Sandra Bullock and her husband Jesse James, Bombshell McGee will get in between Hailey Glassman and Gina Lynn," says Celebrity Boxing Federation promoter Damon Feldman.

Why isn't Bombshell McGee getting in the ring with Homewrecking Hailey????

Now that we'd pay to see!

[Michelle McGee photo via TMZ.]

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Michelle McGee Fires Back At Chelsea AGAIN


Why can't she just give up?!

Even after Chelsea Handler put her in her place, Michelle "Bombshell" McGee posted something new on the funnylady's Facebook page.

And it's stoopid!

The whore wrote:

"Dear Chelsea, glad to see my grandma's old clothes put to good use in your wardrobe. Her mu-mu's look AMAZING on you. P.S. You need to hire another midget to hold up those saggy boobies of yours…all that breast feeding from Chuy has really taken its toll"

You're no match for Chelsea, you dumb bitch!

Pipe down!!

[Image via WENN.]


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Sandra Bullocks' Husband PAID For Sex!


At this point, we wouldn't put ANYTHING past him!

Enjoy that rehab center for as long as you want, Jesse James, there is no way Sandra is EVER going to stay with your sorry ass!

New reports are claiming that the douchebag would visit Sluts McGee while she was on the clock at Club Fantasy in San Diego, and pay up to $400 an hour to take her into the VIP room and exchange STDs get freaky!

A source claims:

“[The club] comped him admission. But he always paid to be with her. One time, she was on her knees giving him [oral sex]. It’s not something the club allows, but he is who he is. She bragged about doing it to him. As soon as Michelle was done giving him [oral sex], he grabbed another one of the girls. He was pretty aggressive with her. He was pulling her bathing suit aside. He wanted her to do what Bombshell did, but she wouldn’t do it. It looked like she used her hand instead."

Lovely imagery. BARF.

This man sounds so unbelievably terrible - we have no idea how Sandy could have been fooled by this dick for so long!!

You'll pull through, bb! Just stay AWAY from him!

[Image via WENN.]

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