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Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott In Trouble? Cardi B Owns Nicki Minaj! AND…

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Kylie Jenner is still not living with her babydaddy - good idea or red flag?

Selena Gomez moves away from Los Angeles!

Michelle Wolf's brutal attack against Ivanka Trump - warranted or not?

Liam & Cheryl's split!

Roseanne's TV return!

Andy Dick accused of sexual battery!

And all of today's hottest topics, including Jennifer Lopez, Halsey, Iggy Azalea, Katie Holmes, Jersey Shore, The Spice Girls, Heather Locklear and MORE!

Watch! Links below/after the jump!

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Michelle Wolf Laughs Off White House Correspondents' Dinner Criticism With Seth Meyers!

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Michelle Wolf knows not everyone laughed at her jokes at the White House Correspondents' Dinner — but don't worry, she's got jokes for that, too!

The comedienne stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers to poke fun at the criticism she received for her politicizing set, joking that no one loved her controversial Sarah Huckabee Sanders jokes more than Sarah Huckabee Sanders! Watch (above)!

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Late Night Hosts Defend Michelle Wolf's 'Filthy' Jokes At The 2018 White House Correspondents' Dinner!

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After the White House whined like babies about Michelle Wolf's jokes during the White House Correspondents' Dinner on Saturday, late night hosts posed a simple question to the Donald Trump administration: WTF did y'all expect!?

Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert, and Trevor Noah defended their fellow comedian on Monday night, all noting that Wolf should not draw criticism for doing exactly what the White House hired her to do.

On Late Night, Meyers — who hosted the WHCD himself years ago — admitted Trump was right in calling Wolf "filthy," because someone being filthy and mean are "wonderful qualities for a comedian and terrible qualities for free world leaders." Snap!

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Over on The Daily Show, where Wolf was a correspondent until last December, Noah addressed Wolf's widely-criticised jokes about Sarah Huckabee Sanders, quipping that she "should have had the decency to not comment on women's appearances" because "she's a comedian… not the president." Double snap!

Colbert actually spoke from both sides of the political ring on The Late Show. After telling the White House to "grow a pair," he launched into his conservative Comedy Central alter-ego to chastise Wolf for besmirching "the okay name of Sarah Huckabee Sanders." Ha!

Ch-ch-check out the clips (below) to see what the big dogs of late night had to say!

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Comedian Michelle Wolf Stands By Her White House Correspondents Dinner Set: 'I Wouldn't Change A Single Word That I Said'

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Comedian Michelle Wolf is NOT backing down after her White House Correspondents Dinner comedy set from Saturday night!

Despite all this whining & hand-wringing from journalists and conservatives who say she went too far, Wolf is thus far refusing to budge an inch on her routine.

Good for her!

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Speaking this afternoon on NPR's Fresh Air program, Wolf said (below):

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Whitney Cummings' Defense Of Michelle Wolf's WHCD Act Is Spot On! Quote Of The Day!

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"I know other people have mentioned this already, but in case you want to be mad at Michelle Wolf about talking about Sara H's eye make up, YOUR PRESIDENT REGULARLY HAS CALLED WOMEN PIGS, PIECES OF ASS, AND OBJECTIFIED HIS OWN DAUGHTER. Pick a lane."

Whitney Cummings defending Michelle Wolf, who is inexplicably being dragged by the media for talking about Sarah Huckabee Sanders' looks when all she did was call her a liar with "perfect smokey eye."

P.S. — In an NPR interview on Monday, Michelle said despite the controversy she "wouldn't change a single word" of her act. Hell yeah, gurl.

[Image via WENN/YouTube.]

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White House Correspondents Dinner 2018: Michelle Wolf Draws Praise, Criticism For Speech — Including SCATHING Blows To Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Michelle Wolf made all the headlines after last night's White House Correspondents Dinner in D.C., as her set touched on everything in Washington with humor and a few biting comments… and reaction from across the spectrum is now accusing her of going too far!

The 19-minute speech focused on Donald Trump and his administration, including PR flack Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and as you can see in her full remarks (above), Wolf did NOT hold back in going after Sanders, sitting just a few seats away at the table.

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There was plenty of Twitter reaction to the whole thing, too — we'll get to that in just a second (below) — but first, ch-ch-check out two other video highlights from last night's WHCD, first starting with our cartoon president:

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The Daily Show's Michelle Wolf Says We're All Being Duped By Ivanka Trump Because She's 'Kind Of Pretty'!

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Ivanka Trump once again proved she was all talk in being a champion for working women this week, and The Daily Show's Michelle Wolf is here to say, "well… duh."

This week, the First Daughter stood by the White House's decision to halt an Obama-era policy that allows the government to track pay discrimination based on gender, race, and ethnicity.

Trevor Noah echoed many who were disappointed with Ivanka for treating equal pay "the way Rose treated Jack [in Titanic], I'll never let go, pay equality… OK, bye-bye."

Photo: Ivanka Fails To Notice Trump Shade In Child Fan Mail!

But the Comedy Central show's resident Ivanka expert isn't surprised one bit — because despite what we like to believe, Vank is just as crooked as the rest of the Trump family!

Wolf explained that the businesswoman is "playing both sides" — publicly opposing Donald Trump's controversial initiatives but doing nothing to stop them — and, unlike her brothers, gets away with it because she doesn't look like your average Trump sleaze-ball.

Now it all makes sense! Watch the video (below) for Wolf's trick on how not to be duped by the First Daughter in the future.

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