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Microchip Implant Can Deliver Daily Dose Of Medication!

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Microchip implant pic

Is this a glimpse of how we'll be taking all of our medications in the future?

Scientists have successfully implanted microchips in seven women with osteoporosis that emitted a dose of a bone-strengthening drug once a day without them even noticing.

The microchip, placed below the waistline, was able to deliver the drug as effectively as their otherwise "daunting" daily injection.

While more research is necessary, the study has been called "an important milestone" in medicine because many women with severe osteoporosis are prescribed a drug called teriparatid to build their bone density, but often quit it because of the tedious and painful injections.

This test involved a microchip that was able to store 20 doses of the drug, but the company behind the technology is setting its sights on testing a chip in 2014 that can hold 365 doses.

Osteoporosis is just the tip of the iceberg too. Other uses in the field of implanted medicine could include a contraceptive rod placed in the arm to release hormones preventing pregnancy AND a chip in the brain that targets the remaining cancer cells after doctors remove a brain tumor.

Pretty cool, right?

[Image via MicroCHIPS, Inc..]

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Smuggled Cheetah Stopped At UK Airport

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At an airport in the UK, animals pass through from time to time.

Recently, a cheetah from Africa on his way to Russia was stopped because of a missing identity marker.

When he was found to be without a microchip, meaning

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Missing 3-Year-Old Rescued Thanks To Her Dog's Microchip

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A 3-year-old disappeared when her parents were both sleeping.

The girl went chasing after their recently adopted rescue dog as he ran off the property.

Local residents saw

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Lost Cat And Owner Reunited

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A man from Florida was reunited with his lost cat in Colorado!

After the cat was picked up in a neighborhood and brought to an animal shelter, he was scanned and his chip revealed his owner's information.

The craziest part of this story isn't that the cat wound up 2,000 miles from home, but that his owner had only had him for about an hour before the cat ran away!

Check out their reunion in the above video.

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Family Reunited With Missing Dog After 3 Years

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A five-year-old dog, Canyon, had been lost for about three years.

Until one day when his owners, who live in Iowa, got a phone call from an animal shelter in Illinois.

"It was March 1, 2008 and we'd only had him for about six months. And we left him outside to do his business like we always did."

And then he was gone.

They gave up hope of ever seeing him again, and could only hope a loving family had adopted him.

Until they received that phone call from the shelter 70 miles away.

The shelter got their phone number from an implanted chip their dog.

"She says, 'Well, it's a black one,' and I just started crying. I was like, 'It's Canyon! They have Canyon! We gotta go get him!'"

Now they are one big happy family again.

"We probably would have driven any amount of miles to get him."

So sweet!

We love happy endings!

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Dog Found In Michigan Returning To Owner In Tennessee

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After four months, Petey, the Jack Russell terrier, will be returning to his home in Tennessee… after being found in Michigan!!

A microchip implanted in the dog helped rescuers close the 600-mile gap and find the dogs rightful home.

Petey's 71 year old owner would have his morning coffee every day with Petey in his lap, until one day, he disappeared.

No one knows how Petey made such a long journey but his owner had an idea, saying how Petey loved to go for rides in the car.

He said:

"We don't have any ties in Michigan. Petey had gone a little bit out of the yard. He's a friendly dog."

They fliered their town, took out ads in the local newspaper and took to Facebook to try and find him.

Luckily a Michigan native found Petey in their backyard and took him to a Humane Society center where he was scanned and a chip was found.

A rep for the HSUS said:

"Microchips do make it more likely that a pet will be found. One in three pets go missing sometime in their lives and the chances of them finding their way home aren't very good."

When Petey's owner heard that Petey was found and was on his way home, he was stunned.

A family member said:

"He was dumbfounded. If it hadn't been for the chip, we'd have never have known what happened to him."

The reunion is a much needed blessing for the 71-year-old man, because he had just lost his wife, two weeks ago.

He doesn't have to be alone anymore.

Petey's coming home.

[Image via JDH/WENN.]

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