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Cameron Diaz Flipping Off Photographers? The Other Woman Star Getting FIESTY!

cameron flips doodle

Oh dear! Cameron Diaz's sunglasses appear to be slipping off her nose! Just a little ADJUSTMENT…with her middle finger!

Clearly Cam was giving the papz a subtle message on the set of her upcoming movie, The Other Woman, in New York City.

Co-star Kate Upton looked on and was all giggles as her girl-pal flipped the bird.

Ch-ch-check out some more shots of Cameron giving the finger (below)!

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cameron flips off the papz while kate watchescameron and kate gigglecameron and katecameron flips off another photogkate upton is all smiles

Kristen Stewart Lets Her Middle Finger Fly At Paps! Leave Her The F*** Alone!

kristen stewart flipping middle finger at paparazzi

This looks verrrry familiar.

Yup, we've definitely seen Kristen Stewart rockin' this pose before!

But this time around, we think that lovely middle finger of hers means something much, much more serious.

Upon rumors that her relationship with Robert Pattinson has been run over by car, set on fire and thrown into a shredder, KStew ain't looking like anything other than that has happened.

We're pretty sure that this bird flipping is the confirmation we've all been waiting for this week!

Sure, R-Patz might be having a good ol' time cruising around town, but we think KStew is definitely not feeling this whole "see other people" thing.

We get you're upset, Bella, but keep it classy and tuck that middle finger away!

[Image via FameFlynet Pictures.]

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kristen stewart bodykristen stewartkristen stewart middle finger

Anna Paquin Protects Her Baby With Her Mind Reading Powers Middle Finger!!

spl545365 001

Stay classy, Sookie!

True Blood’s Anna Paquin was feeling rather sassy as she shopped in Abbot Kinney with her baby, and totes flipped the bird to some pesky paps that were trying to document her adventures!

And let’s be honest, we love when celebs pull this move!! A celeb flipping off a camera is far more interesting than a celeb just standing around, LOLz!!

We’re just glad she shielded her baby’s face from the gesture!!

Or maybe she was shielding her babe from the suns rays because she gave birth to a vampy!!?!! LOLz!!


[Image via Splash News.]

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Celebrities Who Like to Give the Middle Finger

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katy perry jennifer lawrence celebrity middle finger photos

Sometimes ya just gotta let a little steam off!

And when you're a celebrity, you don't have to worry about such behavior tarnishing your corporate reputation!

Some of these have flipped the middle finger so much, they're known for giving good bird! LOLz!

CLICK HERE to see who just LOVES flippin' that bird!

CLICK HERE to see who just LOVES flippin' that bird!

CLICK HERE to see who just LOVES flippin' that bird!

CLICK HERE to see who just LOVES flippin' that bird!

CLICK HERE to see who just LOVES flippin' that bird!

[Image via Adrianna M. Barraza/WENN.]

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Charlize Theron Flips Out On The Paparazzi!

charlize theron flips off paparazzi

Charlize Theron is one mad momma!

The Prometheus star was spotted taking her son Jackson out for lunch on Sunday, but gurl was NOT happy about it!

Maybe the paps got too close to her baby or just caught her on a bad day, but the seksi South African did not take kindly to the snappers and did a little shooting of her own- shooting the bird that is!

Man, only Charlize could still look glamorous while giving the finger!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but for this one we can only think of two! LOLz!

[Image via FameFlynet Pictures.]

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Lily Aldridge Is Far From An Angel! Flips The Paps The Bird In NYC!

Lily Aldridge gives photogs the middle finger in NYC

Now that's not angelic behavior!

Lily Aldridge showed the New York City paparazzi they were number one while out in the West Village on Monday.

The Victoria's Secret model subtly flipped them the bird as she strut her stuff in black skinny jeans, a ribbed sweater, leopard print scarf, matching Charlotte Olympia cat flats and Givenchy messenger bag.

Guess they can't rock their halo everyday.

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

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Chris Brown Gets Heated At A Hollywood Club & Fuels His Feud With Drake!

chris brown disses drake emerson hollywood

Sounds like the feud between Chris Brown and Drake is STILL far from over!

Just yesterday, we let you listen to Drizzy’s new single, 5AM In Toronto, where he throws a shiz ton of shade on Breezy!

Now we’re hearing that the night before — right after Chris flipped out at the valet parker following a charity event — he took his anger out on Drake in front of an entire club!

Reportedly on Wednesday night, Breezy hit up the Emerson Theatre in Hollywood and became clearly pissed off after the DJ starting playing Drake’s Started From The Bottom!

The DJ tweeted:

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