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Scarlett Johansson Says Her Body Is Just 'Okay' And Reveals Which Parts She's Not Happy With!

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Scarlett Johansson is considered one of the sexiest leading ladies on the big screen. From her gorgeous face to her curvaceous body, fans cannot get enough of seeing her hotness!

However, the 30-year-old actress disagrees.

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In an interview with Barbara Walters — where ScarJo was crowned one of The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2014 — the Avengers star confesses to being insecure about her body just like the rest of us!

She said:

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Elisabetta Canalis Gives Up Dancing In Favor Of Hiking

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Elisabetta Canalis hiking runyon

Elisabetta Canalis may have two left feet, but she doesn't need to dance to stay in shape!

The former Dancing With The Stars competitor, who was the second contestant to be eliminated this season, displayed her taught and toned tummy on Monday while taking a hike!

George Clooney's Italian ex spent the afternoon climbing the Hollywood Hills at Runyon Canyon, a popular outdoor fitness spot in El Lay.

Every time we see pics of this gurl she is out and about getting her sweat on. That hard work and dedication definitely shows!

[Image via National Photo Group.]

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How To Get The MOST Out Of Your Ab Workout

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Mike D extreme burn

What's the point of doing bunches of crunches if you're not FEELING any kind of a burn? Short answer: There is none!

If you want see results, you have to challenge your body!

Despite regular workouts, a FitPerez reader named Stan hasn't had much luck in the abdominal department so he wrote celeb trainer Mike Donavanik for help!

Hi Mike,

I have questions about simple abdominal exercises. I have been doing many sets of abdominal exercises every day, such as vertical leg crunches, traditional crunches, and the ab rocker at the same time. However, about 2 months after I started this, I feel no more burn. What can I do to improve my own program?

According to Mike D:

Hi Stan!

If you’re not feeling the burn, those exercises probably aren’t challenging you anymore. If you can complete them without feeling any difficulty, it’s definitely time to change up your current routine. One of the easiest things you can do – without adding any equipment – is create an abdominal specific exercise circuit. So, piece together three to five abdominal exercises and perform them back-to-back.

Here’s a quick example (perform 3-5 sets):

1. Leg Raises – 15 reps

2. Crunches with Legs Elevated – 15 reps

3. V-Ups – 15 reps

4. Bicycle Crunches – 15 reps each side (30 total)

5. Russian Twists – 15 reps each side (30 total)

Another way to challenge yourself is to add some weighted resistance to your abdominal exercises and/or pick more challenging abdominal exercises. If you’re going to add some weighted resistance, all you’ll need is between 5 and 15 pounds. While it may not seem like a lot, that weight will definitely add up, especially if you add it to an abdominal circuit. Some challenging exercises that you may want to add to your routine are: hanging leg raises, hanging windshield wipers, stability ball pikes, TRX Pikes and the list goes on and on.

Your abdominal muscles are just like any other muscle in your body, they’re eventually going to adapt to a given stimulus. To continually challenge yourself and make gains, be sure to change up your routine every 3-4 weeks.

We're feeling the burn just reading this! If you've got more questions, write Tips@FitPerez.com or tweet @MikeDonavanik on Twitter for more answers!

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Hilary Duff Does Pilates

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HIlary Duff does pilates

Mom-to-be Hilary Duff isn't ready to pack on the pounds in the name of pregnancy just yet.

She has been working out 3-5 times a week and Friday was no exception! The actress was spotted heading into her pilates class in El Lay.

According to Hilary's trainer, Harley Pasternak, she has a very specific workout routine with "low impact exercises" planned for each trimester including elliptical, incline heel walking, and stars.

During the second trimester, Pasternak says Hilary must avoid lying on her back, explaining:

"In the second trimester, [we're staying] away from any exercises where she’s lying on her back and that could put pressure on her midsection. We just go lighter and higher reps on certain exercises. So there’s nothing pressing against the stomach and breasts.”

Already a good friend of the family, her trainer not only thinks she'll continue to look great throughout her pregnancy, but is confident she'll nail her role as a mother, sharing:

"Her goals are to look great and feel great, especially now that she’s pregnant. [She'll be] an amazing mom! She’s a Texan girl! She’s got a lot of Southern hospitality, very sweet, very welcoming. She’s got a great balance in life.”

Aww! We think she'll be a great mom too! If she remains dedicated to fitness, she'll also continue to be a very good looking mom!

[Image via GSI Media.]

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Ab Exercises To Eliminate Love Handles

Filed under: Exclusives!FitnessMike Donavanik

Although we wish there was a way to eliminate fat plaguing certain parts of the body, like the excess body mass around our abdominals called love handles, there is NO SUCH THING as spot reducing fat.

That means there is no exercise in existence that will eliminate fat from strictly one section of the body. The key to losing loving handles is the same as losing any other fat on your body. Burn more calories than your body is consuming!

Celebrity trainer and FitPerez correspondent Mike Donovanik knows this better than anyone else, but can at least recommend ab exercises that will give you a toned midsection AFTER you lose the weight covering it up.

Check out the video above to learn 5 awesome abdominal exercises to add to your fitness regimen and help you get the 6 pack you've always wanted!

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Britney Spears Looks Toned On Tour

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Britney Spears toned pic

Now that's the Femme Fatale we've been missing!

Britney Spears showed off a tanned and toned midsection while making a SOLD OUT tour stop in Detroit, Michigan on Friday.

All that dancing is paying off! With tour dates scheduled through November into early December, Brit Brit isn't showing any signs of slowing down, but is definitely slimming down in the process!

Lookin' good, gurl!

[Image via GSI Media.]

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