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Arnold Was Unhappy With Sexless Marriage

arnold schwarzenegger was unhappy with sexless marriage

Guess every story has two sides…

Maria Medel, a former friend of Mildred Patty Baena's, has opened up about some affair details she was told by Arnold's mistress.

Here's what Maria had to say about Arnold's mistress' obsession with the man:

"When I met Patty she had already been working for Arnold for several years. She had a minishrine to him in her house - his movie posters, pictures, newspaper clippings, action figures."

Sounds like SOMEBODY watched Predator one too many times!

Here's Maria on Arnold's unhappiness with his marriage:

"Patty said Arnold had been complaining that his marriage was sexless and Maria was never around, flying all over the world for her TV news job."

"She said that one night after Arnold had been complaining about feeling lonely and unloved, he started drinking. After a few drinks, Arnold asked Patty to have a drink with him. One drink led to another, and then another. Patty said they started kissing and that led to their first sexual encounter. They had unprotected sex."

We can certainly understand how Arnold would be frustrated with a lack of romance in his marriage, but instead of dealing with it by having an affair, he should have been more open with his wife about it!

Obvi we don't know the whole story - maybe they did try couples' therapy, maybe they did have an open dialogue about their physical issues, but even if they did all of that and things STILL weren't working out, that's not an excuse to go behind his wife's back…and then lie about it FOR YEARS to add insult to injury!

There's not one straightforward answer to all of this, but we can safely say that things would have worked out better for Arnold if he had been honest with her.

What do U think? Is a sexless marriage a reasonable excuse to have an affair?

[Image via WENN.]

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Arnold's Mistress's Ex-Husband Speaks!

ex husband of arnolds mistress speaks out

Oh, what a tangled web Arnold weaves!

For the first time, the ex-husband of Arnold Schwarzenegger's mistress Mildred Patty Baena has decided to speak up…and yeah, it's pretty sad.

Here's what Mildred's ex Rogelio Baena had to say to about Arnold's actions, after learning that his son is ACTUALLY Arnold's biological son:

"Arnold Schwarzenegger for me, [was] my hero…Maria is destroyed."

Rogelio also referred to the situation as a betrayal, and he had the following to say to his son:

"I am your father. That's all."

Ugh. Actions have consequences, Arnold! We truly hope you'll think about that and realize how many people you've hurt with your selfish, thoughtless ways.

So sad.

[Image via WENN.]

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The Lawyers Cometh! Arnold's Mistress Hires A Law Firm

arnolds mistress hires a law firm

And you thought things got ugly when Arnold and Sinbad rivaled over that Turbo-Man doll in Jingle All The Way

Last week, we learned that Maria Shriver had reportedly hired lawyer Laura Wasser to represent her in potential divorce proceedings against her husband.

Now, Arnold's mistress Mildred Patty Baena has ALSO brought on legal representation for usage against her former employer.

She's currently being represented by Los Angeles-based law firm Jacobson, Russell, Saltz & Fingerman.

Lawyer Michael Saltz has announced that they have "no plan to file litigation at this time."

Looks like we're right in the midst of the calm before the storm.

Enjoy it while it lasts, Arnold!

[Image via WENN.]

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