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Check Out One Dude's Game Of Thrones Impressions That Are More Killer Than The Red Wedding!

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game of thrones impressions

Unlike Jon Snow, this guy knows EVERYTHING! At least about Game of Thrones impressions!

Steve Love does impressions that are more mind blowing than Oberyn Martell! Also worth noting is that his Oberyn Martell imitation is incredible! All he needs is a 'stache and a spear and he's basically the same person!

By the old gods and the new, in the light of the Seven…Watch. This. Now.

Ch-ch-check out the skilled mimicry that is worthy of one of the Faceless Men of Braavos…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Elvis Lives! Watch This 16-Year-Old Who Sounds Just Like The King Croon Blue Christmas On Ellen!

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Not to get all Lord of the Rings on everyone, but this video marks The Return of the King (except this has just one ending)!

Elvis Presley may have sadly left this world, but thankfully his music lives on…in a 16-year-old boy?!

Although David Thibault from Quebec, Canada has a deep Québécois accent when he talks, when he sings he sounds exactly like the King.

SRSLY we thought the only 16-year-old Canadian who could sing this AHmazing was Justin Bieber!

After his viral video of him singing Blue Christmas garnered over 8 million views, David was asked to sing his warbly notes for Ellen DeGeneres, and the result left the entire audience all shook up!

So gyrate those hips and ch-ch-check out his musical tour de force of Blue Christmas on Ellen (above)!!!

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Pooch Runs Round And Round After Ceiling Fan

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Round and round the fan goes…round and round the puppy goes!

A pooch is having a blasty blast with a ceiling fan and just can't stop following it all over the place.

Who needs to get dizzy and chase your tail when there's a fan in the air!

Obvis, this cutie is going to learn to fly so he has practice, right?


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Baby Mimics Kitty!

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That is one cute baby.

Then the kitty comes into frame and ratchets the cuteness levels up a few notches.

Then… the cat starts waving to the baby — and cuteness levels spike!

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Dog Mimics Other Dog For Attention

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That one dog wants to be the one in the spotlight.

He's thinking, "He's not even doing the trick! I can do it! It's easy! Give ME the treat!"

So funny.

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Michael Phelps: Learn How To Stroke With X-Box 360!

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Gamers, the day has come!

X-Box has made a swimming video game! FINALLY we can go swimming without the hassle of all that icy water!

Stoner Swimmer Michael Phelps, inspired the idea for the dry game. The goal of Push the Limit is for players to mimic the stoking style of the Olympic super star.

Unfortunately, this ad for Push the Limit only proves what we guessed - standing in your living room trying to swim makes you sweaty lame.

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Perfectly Matched Couples Match Speech Patterns

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Perfectly Matched Couples Talk The Same

Forget about likes and dislikes. Listen to the way your partner talks, and if he/she has a similar speech pattern to yours then you’re probably made for each other.

A recent study revealed that couples who are well-matched mimic each others’ speech patterns.

“Because style matching is automatic, it serves as an unobtrusive window into people’s close relationships with others,” said a researcher who worked on the study.

The study even went so far to analyze the poetry of famous poet-couples such as Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes.

“Style words in the spouses’ poems were more similar during happier periods of their relationships, and less synchronised toward each relationship’s end,” added the researcher.

We think that dating websites need to have a new section where you can listen to a recording of a potential partner's voice — if they sound like you, it’s a match made in heaven!

[Image via AP Images.]

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