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29 Trapped Miners Died In New Zealand

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As 29 trapped miners have remained underground since Friday brought on by massive gas explosion in Greymouth, New Zealand, friends and family learned on Monday that the miners could not have survived a second explosion.

And now the town is devastated!

About 200 people attended a vigil for the miners, including Opposition leader Phil Goff, Greymouth Mayor Tony Kokshoorn and Pike River chief executive Peter Whittall. Daniel Rockhouse, who was rescued from the mine on Friday, also attended.

Pope Benedict XVI also sent his regards. He expressed condolences and sympathy for the tragic event and remembered the men in a special way in his prayers. He invoked a blessing to give people courage and strength.

As Pike River Coal chief Whittall told families about the second explosion, they were inconsolable.

Kokshoorn said:

"They told us there was a massive explosion and there was no way there were any survivors. We thought we were going to get some good news.

They just dropped to the floor. It's anger, as simple as that. It's just gut-wrenching. This is our darkest hour."

So sad. Our thoughts go out to the families.

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Brad Pitt Wants To Bring Chilean Miners' Story To Big Screen

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brad pitt wants to tell story of chilean miners on the big screen

If they can do this right, it could def be a worthwhile story for the world to know about.

Brad Pitt is seeking to secure the film rights to the story of the 33 Chilean miners who were trapped underground for over two months.

His production company, Plan B, is currently in negotiations with reps for the miners to get the O-K to move forward with the project.

As long as the project is handled with care and is not exploitative, then we're on board.

Do U think the Chilean miners' story should be adapted into a big screen epic?

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Ready For A Lifetime Movie About The Chilean Miners???

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chilean miners rescued story of interest to media

Actually, we guess the Lifetime movie will probably be more about the wives than the miners, but fear not, because there is A LOT of interest in making this weeks rescue into a flick.

Sources are confirming that many studios are scrambling to secure the rights to the the heroic story of the 33 miners trapped and then rescued in Chile this week.

From exclusive TV interviews on major networks to major motion pictures, Hollywood is reportedly in an epic race to get to tell the story first.

But it might all be for nothing as one source is reporting that the group of miners made a "verbal agreement" early on during the ordeal that they wouldn't share certain aspects of their story with the press and that a group contract would be drafted making sure that the entire group profited from their story, no matter which individual told their story.

A united front?! How honorable! How often do you see that?!

We're just so happy to hear that they've been saved and are all safe now. Can't ask for anything more than that!

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Fox News Comes In 1st! Coverage Of Rescued Miners Pulls In 7 Million Viewers

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While pretty much everyone ever was glued to their respective television screens, watching the miners being pulled from the San Jose mine in Chile, it appears that most had their channels turned to Fox News!

The network's live coverage, from 8:16pm - 9pm and hosted by Shepard Smith, garnered over 7 million viewers!


We're just thankful that everyone was safely rescued!

[Image via AP Images.]

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