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Los Angeles Sushi Chefs Plead Guilty To Buying And Selling Illegal Whale Meat At Restaurant That Prided Itself In Torturing Animals!!

Los Angeles sushi chefs plead guilty to buying and selling illegal whale meat out of a Santa Monica restuarant!

Kiyoshiro Yamamoto and Susumu Ueda are two sushi chefs who plead guilty to a pretty serious crime in the world of seafood: buying and selling illegal whale meat!

The chefs were previously employed by the now shut down Santa Monica restaurant The Hump.

The two chefs each plead guilty to three misdemeanor charges in exchange for

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Four Young Men Charged In Theft Of Lion Carcass

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After hearing of the wild animals loose in Ohio, four young idiots men rushed to the scene.

They came across a dead lion, where people were gathering around, and taking pictures.

They decided they could use a lion to make a rug or stuff it or other disgusting things, so they struggled to load it into the back of their Jeep.

When police arrived on the scene, they stopped the would-be thieves, recovered the lion's body, and charged the men with misdemeanor theft.

Some people are just plain weird.

And now they face up to six months in jail and a $1000 fine if convicted.

Doesn't seem worth it to us.

[Image via AP Images.]

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Man Throws Cat Out A 7-Story Building After Having Sex With It

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Man Throws Cat Out A 7-Story Building After Having Sex With It

"That's not my pet. I was just trying to have sex with it!!"

Not the best excuse for throwing a cat off a seven-story window - but that's still pretty much what Gerardo Martinez told the cops.

Horrified neighbors saw Mr. Martinez, naked, toss the cat out the window. The cat died as a result of the fall.

Martinez allegedly answered the door topless and with his pants down. Cops told KCCI that he initially tried to pin the crime on his roommate before confessing that he was high on meth and had tried to have sex with the feline before he tossed it from his apartment.

Can you believe this guy is single??

Martinez was arrested on suspicion of bestiality, cruelty to animals and indecent exposure.

Sadly, in Iowa this those are all misdemeanor offenses.

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Man Charged With Eating A Live Rat

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Man Charged With Eating A Live Rat

He must have been real hungry! (or stupid.)

A Utah man faces an animal cruelty charge after a Facebook video surfaced showing him eating what appeared to be a live baby rat.

Too bad for him, PETA saw his Jackass-like antics and informed the authorities.

The video shows a man putting what appears to be a tiny, hairless rat in his mouth, chewing it up and swallowing it.

Andy Ray Harris of Tooele was charged with the misdemeanor in April after authorities viewed the video.

Harris has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

[Image via WENN.]

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Man Barks At Police Dog, But Police Bite Back

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Man arrested for barking at police dog

We know it's tempting, but please, don't bark at police dogs. It's not nearly as funny as you think it is and you will get arrested.

Ryan James Stephens, a 25-year-old Ohio man, was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor for barking at a police dog in a K9 unit patrol car.

The officer in charge of the dog was investigating a traffic incident at a nearby bar when he heard his canine partner barking uncontrollably.

When he approached, he saw an intoxicated man barking and hissing at the crime fighting dog.

After being asked why he was harassing the animal, the man said, "The dog started it."

That's hilarious if you're Zach Galifianakis in a comedy movie, but really stupid if you're some drunk guy on the street.

[Image via AP Images.]

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