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The Little Kid From Jerry Maguire Showing Off His Body!

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Jonathan Lipnicki

Remember Jonathan Lipnicki? You know, the cute little kid from Jerry Maguire who went on to play the cute little kid in the Stuart Little movies?

Well, he's no longer a cute little kid — he's a hot 21-year-old!

We haven't seen or heard from him in a while, but he hasn't disappeared. While continuing to act in film and television, Jonathan has completely transformed himself into a chiseled martial artist.

He's been practicing mixed martial arts since the 90's and now competes in high level Brazilian Jiu Jitsu matches!

We were lucky enough to come across recent pics of the Little Vampire and can't help but give the world a glimpse of his hard work! Check out all the pictures below!

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UK Police Investigating 'Disturbing' Cage Fight Between 8-Year-Old Boys

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Is 8-years-old old enough to cage fight?

Police in the United Kingdom are investigating whether two children, as young as 8, were put at risk by event organizers after they wrestled each other in front of a crowd of adults.

A video (above) of the bout has been posted on YouTube and while some completely condone the event, others believe it has crossed the line.

Child protection services are calling the fight "disturbing" and advocating against any parent allowing their young child to participate in such a violent sport, saying:

"We would strongly discourage parents from letting their children take part in this kind of fighting. It's quite disturbing that some of those involved in the bouts were as young as eight, an age when they are still developing, physically and mentally."

The father of a boy in the ring says otherwise and doesn't see any problems with allowing his son to participate, explaining:

"He loves the sport. It's not one bit dangerous, it's a controlled sport. He likes to do it, he's never forced to do it, he wants to do it, so leave him to do it. He'll never get hurt, it's a controlled sport, he could never get hurt. Until he gets a bit older and he starts doing physical contact, kicking and punching, then maybe, but at his age it's wrestling, like grappling."

Michelle Anderson, the owner of the club which held the event, is also defending the fight, saying:

"The children were not doing cage fighting, they were just grappling. There was no punching, kicking or striking. The event was perfectly legal. There was only one fight for kids, which was a demonstration fight. The other fights were for adults."

Thankfully, there was no kicking or punching, but what shocked us the most is the lack of any padding! Children can begin wrestling as young as 5-years-old, but at least the sport requires head gear.

Perhaps what is so striking about the video is the presence of 250 cheering adults, announcers commentating on the match, or the giant metal cage that has become synonymous with brutal mixed martial art fights. Would the public be having the same reaction if these two boys were wrestling each other in a school gym or in their family living room?

This is a VERY controversial debate, so we'll let you be the judge! Are people overreacting to the video or are supporters of the event underestimating the dangerous position they put these two kids in?

In a previous post about the dangers of youth boxing, we asked FitPerez readers, "Is boxing too dangerous for kids under 19?" The answer was overwhelmingly "YES"!

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MMA Fighter Alex Reid Comes Out Of Retirement To Face Jason Barrett

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Jason Barrett and Alex Reid

What's better than two shirtless men ready to fight each other for our affection?

Okay, maybe they're just fighting out of pure hatred, but we still like to pretend it's all for us! LOL!

Katie Price's former husband, Alex Reid stared down his opponent in an upcoming MMA fight, Jason Barrett, at a press conference in London.

The match, scheduled for Saturday, August 6th, marks Reid's first fight since announcing his retirement earlier this year in May.

Barrett's challenge was initially turned down by Reid, but after weeks of taunting — culminating with Barrett shouting threats into a megaphone outside a London restaurant where Reid was eating with his girlfriend — the retired fighter accepted.

The fighter's tensions were so high at the weigh-in, that Barrett even PUSHED Reid when he refused to "square up" with his challenger.

This guy, Barrett, sounds like a real jerk! Alex Reid has a losing record with only 8 wins and 9 losses, but we hope he's able to make this guy regret ever challenging him to a match!

[Image via WENN.]

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MMA Fighter Horrifically Murders Man After Magic Mushroom Trip Goes Bad.


If this doesn't deter you from taking hallucinogenics, then nothing will.

A mixed martial arts fighter is facing murder charges for cutting another man's heart out of his chest after taking magic mushrooms.

Jarrod Wyatt and fellow MMA fighter Taylor Powell took the psychedelic drugs and apparently had the worst trip of all time when they became convinced that the world was coming to an end.

Wyatt lost it when he began to allegedly see the devil in Powell's face, so he cut an 18-inch hole in his chest, removed his heart, cut out his tongue, skinned his face off, and then cooked various body parts in a wood stove!


Police Sgt. Elwood Lee responded to the March 21 911 call, and said that Wyatt kept telling him that "Satan was in that dude" and he needed to "stop the devil."

He continues:

"At one point, [Wyatt] asked if we were God, or if we were God coming to save him."

Wyatt is currently facing first-degree murder charges, as well as counts of aggravated mayhem and torture. His attorney argues that his client was having a psychotic break and therefore could not control his actions.

This whole story makes us ill and we don't really want to think any further about it, so hopefully this dude will be thrown into jail or a mental institution for life! We don't care how under the influence you are! How could anyone be capable of such horrific brutality??

Think twice before taking mind altering substances, kiddies!


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