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Janet Jackson Reschedules AND Reduces Australia Tour Dates

janet jackson reschedules australia tour dates

First Courtney Love…then Flo Rida….now Janet! Australia is SERIOUSLY having bad luck with concerts!

In an effort to make sure that she's around to give her family support during the Conrad Murray trial, Janet Jackson has announced that she'll be rescheduling and reducing her Australian tour dates in Melbourne.

Here's what she had to say about it in a statement she released yesterday:

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Not Good! Dr. Conrad Murray Gave Michael Jackson Propofol EVEN After He Stopped Breathing!

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dr conrad murray gave mj propofol after he stopped breathing

Things are NOT looking up for Dr. Conrad Murray.

Last we heard about this trial, it had been delayed because one of the medical expert's father's died AND THEN it was delayed again because new Michael Jackson drug test results needed to be reviewed.

Then yesterday, the trial had resumed and an expert witness told jurors that Dr. Murray gave MJ a lethal dosage of Propofol AFTER he stopped breathing:

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Dr. Murray Dropping Claim That MJ Ingested The Fatal Dose

Dr Conrad Murray Michael Jackson Trial

Well, well. Seems a little late in the game to be back tracking on your defense, Dr. Murray.

It's being said that Dr. Murray is dropping the defense that MJ ingested the fatal dose of propofol self administered.

Why? Because an independent study says that simply ingesting the drug like that would not produce fatal results. So now instead of saying he ingested it, they're going with that administered his own injections after waking up.

Which is it, Dr. Murray?

Something's shady.

[Image via AP Images.]

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Leona Lewis Stuns With I'll Be There Cover At MJ Tribute!

This is how it's done!

Pay attention, next generation. You don't need autotune, pyrotechnics or any of that jazz to be an amazing pop star. All you need is confidence, an appreciation for those who have come before you and a talent that rivals the greats.

Exhibit A: Leona Lewis!

As one of the few people who didn't pull out of the Michael Jackson tribute in Wales this weekend, she performed an explosively impressive cover of the Jackson Five's classic track, I'll Be There.

Watch the video (above) and you'll be blown away! Such a raw, amazing talent! If we could get her and Mariah Carey in a room to record a duet of this, our lives would be complete!

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MJ Would Like This X Factor Audition!

Nice interpretation of Billie Jean!

During his X Factor bootcamp audition, Tiger Budbill put lots of heart into his cover of Michael Jackson's classic song (above).

Yeah…MJ would definitely have liked this.

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Immortal Is Not Michael Jackson's Last Album

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New MJ Album This November

According to Michael's estate, his latest release Immortal won't be his last!

The next album is slated for November, and it'll include never before heard tracks and alt. versions of hits!!

Here's some of what you can expect from the late King of Pop:

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Michael Jackson Tribute Concert Having More Problems, Beyonce Pulls Out Of Show

beyonce pulls out of mj tribute concert

It has NOT been smooth sailing for the folks putting together the Michael Jackson Tribute Concert.

Last month, there was controversy in the Jackson family, because some of MJ's fam felt it was disrespectful to have the concert take place while Dr. Conrad Murray's manslaughter trial is still going on.

Then last week,

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