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Miranda Lambert Slams Ashton Kutcher's Country Shade!!

miranda lambert sexy cleavage legs acms ashton kutcher

Doesn't he know better than to mess with a country gurl!?!

It was odd enough that Ashton Kutcher was a presenter at the ACMs, but when he went on stage donning an extra loud country get-up and, the community wasn't too thrilled.

Miranda Lambert ended up winning the award he presented, but anyone watching could tell she was a bit taken aback with his country "jokes."

Later, she tweeted:

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Woman Posts Suicide Note On Facebook, Only To Be Ignored Or Mocked By Friends!

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Just awful.

A 42-year-old British woman was recently reported to have committed suicide, and although she announced her intention to do so in a status update on Facebook, none of her 1,000+ friends even thought to check on her - despite some of them living in walking distance of her home!

Simone Back wrote the following message on the social networking site on Christmas Day:

"Took all my pills be dead soon bye bye everyone."

Most disturbing of all, however, is that instead of anyone picking up the phone or trying to check on her, many just responded to the status with messages like:

'She ODs all the time and she lies.'

'I hope that she is lying about this or you're going to feel guilty tomorrow.'

'Did you catch the part about Simone taking pills?? .. the 'bye bye' part?? Did anyone go by personally and check on Simone.. or call 999?? what's wrong with you people?? is the gossip really more important than her??'

'She does it all the time, takes all of her pills. She's not a kid anymore.'

'She has a choice and taking pills over a relationship is not a good enough reason.'

It wasn't until Back's mother, Jennifer Langridge, wrote the following message that people finally realized the seriousness of the situation:

'My daughter Simone passed away today so please leave her alone now.'

She later explained:

"Nobody told me anything about it until the following day when I was sent a text saying: 'get help.' I am disabled so can't get up the stairs to Simone's flat so I called the police straight away. It is upsetting to think nobody did anything for my daughter."

Unbelievable. And so tragic.

It seems clear that this woman was deeply troubled, but we think this says something quite serious about how people are using, and communicating with others, on websites like Facebook, and it's not a good thing.

We can't believe that someone would write something like that, and not ONE person who saw it would be so unconcerned that they'd not only ignore a cry for help, but openly mock it!

Our thoughts are with Simone's family during this difficult time.

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LiLo STILL Hurt By Gwyneth!

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Why is she still talking about this?!

While guest starring on Glee, Gwyneth Paltrow had a few lines that questioned how many times Lindsay Lohan had been to rehab. Granted, it was tacky, but we didn't think it needed to be rehashed.

Dina claims Lindsay is still really hurt by it!

The momager said:

"Lindsay is so upset with Gwyneth. Lindsay was watching it while in Betty Ford, then she called me and was upset and said, 'Why did she have to do that?'

We are the first to make fun of ourselves in our family. And Lindsay has even done SNL a few times, but Gwyneth went overboard and it was unecessary. Lindsay thought she was a friend and it was disappointing. It was really hard for her to watch… it was hurtful not funny

2011 is going to be different. We won the E-trade thing, and things are going to be different."

We hope 2011 is indeed Lindsay's year!

[Image via WENN.]

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Antoine Dodson Buys A House With Mockery Money

We continue to make fun of him, and you know what? He continues to profit from it!

The Bed Intruder Song has now made Antoine Dodson so much money that he's been able to move his entire family into a safer home.

Here's what Dodson had to say about the new house:

"We found a house! [We are so] excited … It's for my whole family. And these are new houses that have just been built."

Dodson has also decided to use his newfound money to go back to school:

"I signed up to finish my associate's degree in business. That way I can take everything to the next level and be on a more professional level."

He's mentioned a desire to open a hotel or a salon.

We think a salon sounds like a great idea! We can see the commercial now:

"Well, obviously we have a Salon in Lincoln Park. We're styling your hair well, we're giving you a haircut, we're trying to cut hair, so you need to bring your kids, bring your wife, and bring your husband because we're styling everybody up in here."

We continue to wish Dodson the best of luck with his endeavors! We've included the Bed Intruder Song video (above) to remind us all what's paying for Antoine Dodson's house and continuing education.

Would U go to a salon run by Antoine Dodson?

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