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Corey Feldman To Reveal The Names Of The Hollywood Men Who Abused Him As A Child

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Corey Feldman, who is currently on UK's Dancing On Ice, has announced that he plans to reveal the names of the Hollywood executives who molested him as a child.

Corey has also hinted that his late friend Corey Haim was also a victim as a child and has vowed to release the names so that his friend could finally have justice.

Corey says:

"When I was 14 and 15, things were happening to me. These older men were leching around like vultures. It was basically me laying there pretending I was asleep and them going about their business.

I will write a book. I will put all the information forward."

He adds how he and Haim were sadly mistreated by Hollywood and the media:

"Corey and I were pegged as the scapegoats. People need to know the reason Corey and I were swept under the carpet like the beaten dogs that were sent to the pound so no one had to deal with us any more.

"I stood up and said there is a bigger problem, that I'd lost Corey and that I didn't want to see any more kids lost to these sick perverts."

It's very brave of Corey to come forward expose the dangers of the show business and the harmful effects it has on children. We just wish he would choose to release the names so that he can save any kids from being abused NOW. We're not sure if using it as a ploy to sell a book is the greatest idea.

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Jessica White Opens Up About Assault, Abusive Past & Drugs

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Supermodel Jessica White wants everyone to know she did not assault 28 year old Vanessa Kian over a taxi in New York City, so what better way to proclaim one's innocence than talking with People magazine?

In a recent interview, Jessica insists she isn't as bad as the media made her look:

"I never denied getting into an altercation, but people painted me to be the bad girl, which was 110 percent false. I was flagging a cab, and she came from behind me and pushed me. I didn't strike her until she hit me in the face. I don't lash out at innocent people."

White added she hates violence because she was a victim of abuse as a child and molested by her own family member at 14.

She revealed to the mag:

"I had to go through the hurt secretly. I look at modeling as a savior, because [it allowed me] to leave and travel to Paris and New York when I could finally relax and be out of the abusive environment."

But because Jessica was so young and alone, she eventually turned to cocaine and even overdosed at the age of 20. She adds:

"I was going to lose everything. But I was lucky, because I came face to face with evil, and it wasn't something I liked seeing."

Wow. Jessica's been through a lot for only being 26.

Hopefully her assault case will be settled quickly and she can move on to more positive things.

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