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EXCLUSIVE: What Is The Best Breakfast Food??

Filed under: HealthTipsPerezcious Parenting

workout tips

Perezitos.com health correspondent Ashley Koff, co-author of Mom Energy, is back with a Q&A!

One health conscious perezcious reader wants her fam to start the day with a healthy choice. She asks:

"What is the best breakfast food to jump start my family in the morning?"

Good question! That's something we'd like to know too!

Here's what Ashley Koff had to say:

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Give Yourself A Break! Enjoy The Day After Christmas!

Filed under: AdviceWellnessKathy Kaehler

Day after christmas

It's the day after Christmas and many of us are already back into the swing of our busy lives, but you don't have to be! After all, they don't call it "Christmas vacation" for nothing!

Kathy Kaehler, our newest FitPerez contributor, fitness instructor and author of Mom Energy, wants you to enjoy this day as if it were yesterday.

Discover the true meaning of the day after Christmas and check out her post below:

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Getting Back Into Shape In 2012? Make A Resolution You Can Keep And Walk!

Filed under: Exclusives!AdviceWellnessKathy Kaehler

Walk for new years Kathy Kaehler

Getting Ready for Christmas

Bah Humbug or Here Comes Santa Claus…where do you fit in?

Kathy Kaehler, our newest FitPerez contributor, fitness instructor and author of Mom Energy, wants you to get into the holiday spirit by starting your New Year's Resolution a few weeks earlier this year.

Check out her best advice for setting a realistic goal that will allow you to get back into shape in 2012 below:

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EXCLUSIVE: Do Pelvic Exercises Work?

Filed under: Exclusives!TipsEducational

workout tips

We know this is a very important question for many moms. After having children, pelvic muscles can become weak, which could cause some unfortunate accidents.

Perezcious reader Sue asks:

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EXCLUSIVE: How To Get A Cindy Crawford Post Baby Body

Filed under: Exclusives!Cindy CrawfordHealthTips

workout tips

Q&A with Perezito's fitness expert!

Precious reader, Kim, wants the prefect exercise to get her back into shape. She asks Kathy Kaehler, co-author of Mom Energy:

"I wanted to ask you about a good exercise to get back my pre pregnancy tummy. I had my little baby girl, Ashton, about 5 months ago with a natural birth so I am ready to get back into it."

Kathy's answer:

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EXCLUSIVE: How To Save Your Kids From Kidney Stones

Filed under: Exclusives!HealthTips

workout tips

Ashley Koff, co-author of Mom Energy, has some excellent tips to keep kids happy and healthy!

Ashley was asked: "Is it normal for kids to get kidney stones, and how can I prevent my kids form getting them?"

Ashley says there has been a rise of kidney stones in children. She as a simple way to prevent it: Less salt!

She says"

"We’ve heard about the negatives of too much sugar for baby and you, but what about too much salt? Here is a sodium primer for your baby’s intake that should act as a reminder for you too.

While sodium is necessary as an electrolyte (working in balance with potassium) for cardiovascular health, proper cellular hydration, and appropriate levels of stomach acid (hcl), too much salt can throw these functions off. What that means is greater risk of dehydration. (Sodium keeps water outside of cells whereas potassium brings it in into cells). This can be a factor in constipation resulting from dehydration. And in the extreme, excessive salt can cause blood pressure and heart function issues. The other issue is one of taste buds.

If a baby is introduced to highly salty foods early on (by that I mean salt-added) than they are more likely to develop their taste buds with that sensitivity. There is also a connection between high salt and high sugar cravings."


Eating less salt does more than just reduce your chance of kidney stones! It's really important to maintain a low sodium diet.

For more information and tips, go to Ashley Koff's nutritional plan website!

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EXCLUSIVE: How Moms Can Get Energy At ANY Age!

Filed under: HealthTips

workout tips

Ashley Koff, co-author of Mom Energy, has some excellent tips for moms of ANY age!

Whether you're in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond, Ashley knows how to get the nutrition you need to get maximum energy.

There are four key principles for getting your best energy at any decade – and then some specifics by decade (and lifestage). Quantity, Quality, Frequency, and Balance hold the key to optimal energy.

#1) Quantity: When we eat too much at one time, our bodies get overwhelmed and that causes energy inefficiency. The body stores what it can’t use as fat.

#2) Quality: Everyone should be a Qualitarian – which means making the best quality choice possible at any given eating occasion. Why? The better quality the fuel, the better the body runs. When the body gets things it recognizes, it works well. When it gets chemicals, genetically modified food forms, and overly processed ingredients, it works less efficiently and often gets irritated (which can lead to symptoms and disease).

#3) Frequency: Think of your body like a racecar not a street car. It needs just the right amount of fuel to function and then re-fuel…this way you avoid storage (i.e. fat creation), and your system stays light and efficient for optimal energy. Eating about every 3 hours is ideal.

#4) Balance: This refers to nutrient balance – as in consuming some carbs, protein, and healthy fat at each eating occasion - as opposed to eating too much of one or too little of another. The goal here is to get nutrients that provide quick energy (carb) as well as those that provide sustaining energy (protein and fat).

More specifically, she gives tips on exactly what you need to know according to your age:

In your 20s, you should focus on becoming a Qualitarian. Ditch the processed foods and chemicals so that you build the strongest foundation possible.

In your 30s, focus on nutrient Balance so that you get your energy and your weight to a healthy place. If you learn this now, you can avoid issues that can result from poor energy and excess fat later in life.

In your 40s, focus on Frequency making sure that you aren’t eating too much at one time but rather are giving your body boosts of needed energy throughout the day. This will replenish your stores and keep your body working best.

In your 50s, re-focus on Quantity or focus on it for the first time. Too much of any nutrient will get stored. This can lead to an increased risk of disease as well as a physical burden from carrying too much weight, especially as this is the time in life where it’s more likely to aggregate around the belly.

Lots of good info! For more information and tips, go to Ashley Koff's nutritional plan website!

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