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Octo-Mom Hoarding Money?!

Filed under: Legal MattersOcto-Mom

octo-mom nadya suleman accuses of hiding money by landlord amer haddadin

If she is, she'd better fish it out or she and her 14 kids may be homeless!!!

Amer Haddadin is the man that owns Nadya Suleman's house and who hasn't seen a dime from her in a very long time! Today, he visited the offices of Octo-Mom's lawyers to announce that he felt his tenant was "hiding money" from him and he wanted her to pay off her debt to him now!

Unfortunately for Amer, he was turned away, being told that her lawyer was "busy" and "had no money today." Unfortunately for the lawyer, now he's got a big mess on his hands as Amer told sources that his credit is in jeopardy because of Octo's negligence and that he is gearing up to "sue all of them."

Uh-oh! Someone needs to start digging into the mattress for some rent money - fast!

[Image via WENN.]

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Lindsanity Almost Couldn't Post Bail!

Filed under: Lindsay LohanLegal Matters


Oh, that would have made us do the ultimate happy dance if after all the bullshit Shawn Chapman Holley had the spew to the new judge, Lindsanity still wouldn't have been released because her family didn't have the $$$!

Their is no masking our disappointment that after only half a day in jail on Friday, Lindsay was released back into the cocaine covered wild. A steep asking price of $300,00 was set for her bail and for a moment there, people were doubtful that the Lohan's could rake together that kind of money. A family insider points out that Lindsay hasn't "earned" anything like that since her hair was still naturally red and the family would have considered it a "tragedy" had money become the only obstacle standing in the way of LiLo's freedom.

WRONG! The real "tragedy" is that she got out in the first place before her next hearing! How is this chick every going to learn to be a mildy-functioning adult if she never learns that their are consequences to her actions. She doesn't need a time out - she needs to be effing locked up, tight!

There's always next time, we guess! (And we know there will be a next time!)

[Image via WENN.]

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Sexy Sarah's Offspring Gets Paid How Much To Be Preachy???

Filed under: Sarah Palin


Wait till you hear this! This is ridiculous!

Bristol Palin, teenage mother and hypocrite advocate for abstinence, will be speaking at a benefit in Louisville, Kentucky to raise money for a shelter home for single mothers in September.

Good cause right? You would think for such an important cause, she would do this for free, right? Right?


Sexy Sarah's hussy daughter is getting paid $14,000 to speak! $14K! So not worth it!

Who is she to get so much money?! Sure, she's a single, teenage mother who got knocked up to the human equivalent of a sloth. But she is privileged beyond belief. She's had no struggle she didn't purposefully bring onto herself. She's never had to stay in a shelter or worry where her kid's next meal was coming from! What words of encouragement or wisdom could possibly escape her mouth that aren't going to sound trite and exceedingly preachy?!

Unbelievable! Save the money and use it towards something useful - like the effing shelter!

[Image via WENN.]

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We've Got A Situation Over Here!

Filed under: Reality TV


He's not going anywhere anytime soon so you might as well just buck up and enjoy the shenanigans of Mike Sorrentino aka The Situation.

Jersey Shore's resident cocky stud knows he has himself a great body and also seems wise enough to understand that this "career" of his won't last for much longer. That's why he is cashing in now, before the juice all dries up.

The ABSalicious guido is coming out with his own workout video called, you guessed it, The Situation Workout. Sitch teamed up with his brother and trainer Jon ‘The Unit’ Manfe to create a regiment that anyone could handle, but that would also result in getting sick abs.

Above is the cover art for the workout video, which sources say we can expect to see this holiday season.

Nothing says "Happy Birthday, Jesus" quite like juiceheads and GTLing!

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The Biebs Donates Big $$$ To Nashville

Filed under: InspirationJustin Bieber


It wasn't too long ago that we were staring at the bewildering shots of Nashville being submerged in water and even now, the city is still working to rebuild after the terrible flooding earlier this year.

Part of the relief effort was given a huge helping hand by Justin Bieber, who was in town yesterday to perform a concert at the Bridgestone Arena. Before the show, he presented a check to the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee for $31,620, which came from the ticket sales from his sold-out show.

As Justin handed over his generous contribution, he told the crowd:

"I'm really glad to be here and to help out something that's really important to me. Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, and you know Nashville, there's so much music history here."

Isn't he just so good! And not only did he donate his time and money, but his organizers, AEG Live, agreed to math the amount he donated to the organization.

That's what we like to hear! Nice work to everyone!

[Image via The Tennessean.]

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Who's Making The Biggest Bucks On T.V.???


You know, we're in a recession. Folks just got to cut back.

Unless you're Charlie Sheen, in which case you can wipe your ass with money and still be able to pay the cable bill.

A list of the highest earning players on T.V. was released today and as you can imagine, most of these people make more in an hour of television than some people do in a year!

For instance, did you know that Mr. Sheen makes $1.25 million per episode of Two and A Half Men? Doesn't that make you just want to cut him on Christmas morning?

Did you know that Kate Gosselin makes $250,000 per episode of Kate Plus Eight. You can argue that sextuplets can't feed themselves, but in this case, we think your wrong. If she is making that kind of bank, imagine what the kids are getting?

Did you know that if you add together what Ellen DeGeneres, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel and Judge Judy make in a year that still isn't half of what Oprah Winfrey takes home?

How much exactly does she make? Brace yourself - $315 million a year!


There are tons more actors who make tons more money, but we think we'll spare you the rest. You probably feel poor enough!

[Image via AP Images.]

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Dayum! Selena Gomez Is All Kinds Of Rich!

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Disney knows how to take care of their stars, at least when it comes to their wallets.

Sources are reporting that Selena Gomez makes a whopping $100,000 per singing appearance!

At only eighteen years old that is pretty damn good!

Now, add that six-figure sum to whatever she gets for working her magic on Wizards of Waverly Place and what you've got is a bonafide millionaire, who doesn't need to "sex up" her image, like some other people we know.

Of course, we're sure Miley Cyrus was making much more that $100K back in her Hannah Montana days, but still.

It's called class, ladies! Take notes from Miz Selena!

[Image via WENN.]

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