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Karen Klein Meets Anonymous Benefactor

Karen Klein, the bus monitor who was cruelly bullied by middle school students, definitely knows the meaning of no pain no gain.

So it was emotional for her to meet the man who helped erase her pain with some awesome gains!

The bullied bus monitor met Max Sidorov on Tuesday night to thank him for setting up an online donation website that has raised $664,660 so far from people around the world which will now allow her to retire and be set up for life for good.

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to see their emotional first meeting and see what true love really is!


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Karen Klein To Meet Her Money Maker!!!

karenklienbusmonitortauntedmeetbenefactor.jpgMad Sidorov, a Toronto nutritionist, who saw what happened to Karen Klein as she was bullied on her bus route decided to gather money together to send her on a vacation. Little did he know that those donations would go way past $600,000.

Now the man with the plan will get to meet the woman who has changed his life almost as much as she changed his.

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Bullied Bus Monitor Karen Klein Is Gonna Share Her Money!!!

The time are changing for Karen Klein - they're changing really, really fast!!!

The bullied bus monitor has received incredible amounts of emotional and monetary support from people around the world since her bully video went viral.

An online fundraising effort for the upstate New York bus monitor has raised more than $645,275 for Klein!!!

She deserves all of the support she gets and even more than that for dealing with those monsters on the bus - no one deserves that, especially this sweet old granny.

Check out the video (above) for more on Karen's plans for her money!

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Researchers Develop Bite Counter

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Bite Counter

For many people, the secret to losing weight can be as simple as controlling their portions. Unfortunately, not too many people know how to control their portions, but hopefully this will help.

Much like a pedometer that measures how many steps a person takes, a team at Clemson University has developed The Bite Counter.

The device, which is worn on a users wrist, counts how many bites they take with up to 90% accuracy!

The American Dietetic Association seems to be on board for the invention that will help people monitor portions, as a spokeswoman said:

"This would be a good tool for someone who generally knows what is healthy and unhealthy but maybe has more of an issue with portion control."

The Bite Counter's co-inventor, Eric Muth, has determined that every bite has an average of 25 calories and believes people will quickly realize they may be taking a few too many bites, saying:

"The first thing is to make it obvious that they're eating more than they think. If they know that, the behavior change will come a little easier."

The device is expected to hit the market in a year and cost about $100. Hopefully by then, they'll develop a sleeker design than that big black brick tied to the girl's wrist in the picture above.

[Image via Clemson University.]

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NewYu Fitness Monitor Manages Daily Activities And Calories Consumed!

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Thanks to incredible technology, losing weight and keeping track of your fitness goals has never been easier!

If you need a little help managing your body to make a healthy change, consider investing in the NewYu!

The revolutionary fitness monitor that conveniently snaps on your waistband is described as:

"A wearable, connected fitness monitor that tracks all activities users engage in throughout the day. Unlike other devices, it tracks not only walking and running, but biking, elliptical, step machines, and aerobic activity. It also keeps record of everyday tasks like cooking, cleaning, and shopping. The result is a more accurate calorie burn count."

The device connects with the NewYu website that manages the data to detail the breakdown of your activities, number of steps, rest, and calories burned vs. consumed.

Check out the video above to learn about this amazing new advancement in fitness technology!

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