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Montana Fishburne Beat Up Boyfriend's Ex!

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She certainly seems like a delicate flower! Her dad must be so proud!

Laurence Fishburne's pornstar daughter, Montana, was reportedly arrested in February for beating the shiz out of her boyfriend's ex!

Gurlfriend broke into her home, forced the girl into the bathroom, and caused "significant injuries!"

According to Los Angeles City Attorney's Office Spokesman Frank Mateljan:

"There are currently two misdemeanor complaints filed. We filed an amended complaint that we're expecting will be approved at the next court date that will bring it up to four misdemeanor charges. The two original were simple battery and false imprisonment. The two we amended were assault with a deadly weapon and trespassing. The charge of false imprisonment stems from Ms. Fishburne dragging the victim into the bathroom where the assault continued. It's my understanding that the victim sustained significant injuries during the assault."

What a piece of work! This girl needs serious help.

Hopefully her attorney Shawn Chapman Holley will do about as good a job as she did with Lindsay getting Montana off the hook!



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Porn Star Montana Fishburne: "I Want To Be A Businesswoman, Have An Empire!"

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Oh, boy.

Montana Fishburne spoke to E!'s Giuliana Rancic about her upcoming XXX video, her relationship with her parents including actor Laurence Fishburne and her love for the porn industry.

Giuliana can't hide the horror in her face!

Check it out above!

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Montana Fishburne Denies Hooking, She Was "Trespassing!"

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Oh, sure, honey!

Laurence Fishburne's porn star daughter Montana Fishburne was supposedly busted for prostitution last year, but she says that isn't true.

"No, I have a trespassing conviction but not hooking. I have a trespassing charge from November, that's what it was for. Trespassing."

We're not buying it!

What do U think?

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What A Moron!

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This one is a real piece of work!

Laurence Fishburne's daughter Montana is still running her mouth about her porn video and how she wants her family to be proud of her work!


She says:

"This is something I want to do. I know they're doing it out of concern for me, but I want people to see it. I want people to buy my movie, so I am happy they [Laurence's friends] didn't buy it all. I want my whole family to be proud of me in anything I do, in any career I choose, I want them to be proud of me, whether I was being a doctor.

"I know why it's 'taboo,' but I think everyone should be proud. I am proud of my body, I'm proud of what I've done, and I'm proud of the work I did."

As for her mother, Hajna Moss-Fishburne, Montana says she "loves me and is concerned and worried about me. She wants me to be OK and wants whatever is best for me."

Her dad isn't returning her calls.

We wonder why?!

Sad, sad.

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Laurence Fishburne's Daughter Was A Prostitute!!

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We hate to say it, but this totally screams "daddy issues!!"

Turns out that celebudaughter-turned-porn star Montana Fishburne was once arrested for prostitution!

Back in November 2009, Laurence Fishburne's daughter was arrested in Hollywood on a violation that prohibits prostitution or solicitation.

She pleaded no contest and was sentenced to 104 hours of community service, as well as ordered to get an AIDS test, STD education, and two years probation.

As part of her probation she must also abide by these rules: "Do not offer to engage and do not engage in any form of sexual activity for money or any other consideration. Do not engage or offer to engage in any sexual activity in a public place or a place open to the public or exposed to public view.


Does making a porn tape count??

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Laurence Fishburne's Pals Try To Help!

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Nice friends!

Laurence Fishburne's friends made an attempt to buy all of his daughter Montana Fishburne's porn DVDs for a million dollars from Vivid Entertainment, even hiring famous attorney Yale Galanter to make the offer!

Apparently Yale had reached out to Vivid's Steve Hirsch with the offer, but it appears the DVDs had already shipped out.

Hirsch says:

"It's true that we had several conversations with Mr. Galanter. We would have stopped shipment but it was too late. We continue to have the utmost respect for all involved."

Bummer for Laurence!

Sad, sad.

[Image via Getty Images.]

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Laurence Fishburne "Very Hurt" Over Daughter's Porn Tape

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Well, DUH!!!

Wouldn't you be???

Montana Fishburne says that dad Laurence Fishburne is "very hurt" that she's made a sex tape with Vivid Entertainment.

Montana aka "Chippy D" (is that really her porn name?!?) says that they used to talk to each other every week, but ever since announcing her new X-rated career choice, the two haven't been on speaking terms.

"[My dad] is very upset. I heard that he's mad at me but I haven't spoken to him yet. I feel pretty confident that I can work things out with him."

No shit, Sherlock! Of COURSE he's mad at you!! And how do you plan on patching things up with him? Giving him a free copy of your sex tape??

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