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Drew Barrymore Talks Growing Up Without Parents And Striving To Be A Good Mom In More Magazine

Drew looks fresh as a flower!

Wow! Talk about looking FRESH!

Drew Barrymore nails the sultry stare on the cover of More magazine's February issue in a macrame Missoni dress — she should always do her makeup like this!

The purple smokey eye and soft pink blush make her look like a sexy fairy queen!

We have no doubt she was wearing her own Flower Beauty cosmetics line, and she's certainly a great spokesperson for it!

The actress and businesswoman also touched on that whole "having it all" debate, saying:

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Debra Messing Opens Up About Devastating Divorce & Raising Her Son In A Broken Home!

debra messing divorce more magazine single mom smash daniel zelman

A year after removed from divorce, Debra Messing is finally able to talk about how her relationship went so horribly wrong!

After ten years of a seemingly blissful marriage, the Will & Grace star and writer Daniel Zelman called it quits and parted ways in 2012.

The hardest part for Debra, though, is how all the broken relationship affected their 9-year-old son Roman Walker Zelman.

In June's More magazine, she revealed:

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Mila Kunis: There's 'No Need' To Marry Ashton Kutcher!

mila kunis ashton kutcher not sure about marriage

Sorry, Kelso! Jackie ain't popping the question any time soon!

Mila Kunis recently admitted she really doesn't buy into the whole notion of marriage!

According to one source, she said:

"I would love to find 'The One.' But I'm not sure about marriage. I see no need. I'll be with somebody because I want to, not because a piece of paper tells me I have to."

Ruh-Roh, Rashton Rutcher Ashton Kutcher!

We hope you weren't planning on putting a ring on it any time soon!

According to the very same source, Mila further explained:

"If the love of my life thinks it's important, then fine, I'll get married."

Ahhh! So you're saying there's a chance!

Mila continued expanding upon her personal secrets for making love work.

She revealed:

"You have to make compromises, but I don't believe you have to make sacrifices for love… I've met plenty of guys with Peter Pan syndrome, where they don't want to grow up."

We're not sure whether she means Macaulay Culkin but, either way, she offers sound advice!!

[Image via WENN.]

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What!? Neon Nail Polish Is Illegal In America


Today in WTF!? news: neon nail polish is apparently illegal to make in the good ol' U.S. of A.

The shocking and random revelation comes from

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More On Moore: Julianne Loves Beavers, Not A Fan Of Jessica Simpson


Julianne Moore is on the cover of More's March issue and she talks about the most random things in her interview.

Her are some HIGHlights:

On celebrity magazines:

"They encourage young women, and some middle-aged women, to be interested in somebody else’s narrative rather than their own. I don’t want my daughter or her friends to be interested in Jessica Simpson; I want them to be interested in what’s happening in their own lives."

On plastic surgery and aging:

"I feel that with a few exceptions, people always look like they’ve had surgery; they don’t look any younger. I’m 51, and no matter what I do to my face, I'm still going to be 51. Age is about life span, about the journey we take…it gets back to narrative: You have to be where you are in your story and enjoy it for what it is."

On her quirky love of Beavers:

"Beavers don’t seem that industrious when you look at them, but they make those dams, little by little…I am diligent. That’s one of my qualities: diligence. Not very glamorous, but true."

We never knew she had such an obsession with narrative. Maybe that comes from being an actress.

[Image courtesy of More.]

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Co-Star Called Julie Bowen 'Fat' During First Professional Acting Gig

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More magazine cover

What!? Was that chick BLIND!

A new interview with Julie Bowen for the cover of More magazine reveals another actress once called her FAT during her first professional acting gig.

The GORGEOUS Modern Family star recalls the experience on the ABC daytime show Loving, saying:

“Between scenes, [a costar] would say, ‘Can you believe how fat you are?’ I thought, go talk to the crew, and you’ll find out that they hate her, too.”

Although, it sounds like that wasn't the worst experience she's ever had on set. While filming an episode of Boston Legal, Julie's water broke! She explains:

“I was pretending to be in labor, grunting and groaning. They’re like, ‘Cut!’ and my water breaks, and I’m standing in a puddle."

She was rushed to the hospital by the staff, but not before stopping at home for a change of clothes in fears that the nurses “would think I was Froot Loops, showing up in my own hospital gown with full hair and makeup.”

LOL! Aww!

Despite a few bumps and births along the way, the 41-year-old actress (and HAWT momma!) has reached the top of her game with a HUGELY successful show and a lovely family to come home to!

[Image via More.]

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Julie Bowen Says She Only Wanted One Baby, Not Two!

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We know she's joking, but still, that's a bit harsh…

Modern Family's Julie Bowen did want to have another baby after the birth of her son Oliver (now, four), but she definitely wasn't ready for TWINS.

She recently revealed in an interview that she wasn't prepared to have a double dose of babies. She said in a recent interview in More magazine:

"I did not want twins as a second go-around. I should have been much more cautious. I should have had … half sex?

Everybody asked me, 'How many did you put in?' [in reference to speculation that she turned to in vitro] and I'd be like, 'Just one penis. Thanks!'

At the time I only had one kid, but with two on the way I was always hearing talk about golden mystical baby things and precious time. And I was like, 'Who the f— are you talking to?!' If you could see me naked, you would weep. Children are like crazy, drunken small people in your house."

LOLz! That is pretty funny, but one of your boys might read this interview one day, Julie!! How will you explain that to them??

The cool thing is that the actress is one of the few mothers in Hollywood who is completely hands-on with her kids. She says:

"I have three kids. I should know how to take care of them.

We'd be like, 'Here comes Saturday. It’s going to be a long-ass weekend.' All we did was poop patrol for 48 hours. When Monday would come, we'd be like, Thank God.'

I'm constantly shocked that I am successfully taking care of this family and that I'm capable of putting their needs in front of mine. I don't think I could have done it in my twenties."

Well, it does sound like she is doing something right. Let's just hope her twin boys John and Gus don't find out that she only wanted one of them!

[Image via WENN.]

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