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Lindsay Lohan's Teenage Post-Rehab Pals Think SHE'S Childish!?

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Looks like this youngster crew is ready to ding, dong, ditch this immature friendship!


Lindsay Lohan has reportedly been hanging with a group of teenagers since her stint in rehab—which is totes weird in itself because the actress is 27!

But now, the rather "mature" rich kid crew is saying they're tired of LiLo's “childish” drama, especially involving her former flame, 18-year-old male model Morgan O’Connor!

One insider revealed:

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Lindsay Lohan Has Reportedly Sworn Off Dating But Got CAUGHT In Miami With Rumored Boy Toy!

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Lindsay Lohan may not be enjoying Liam Neeson's son Michael's particular set of skills after all.

According to sources close to LiLo, she isn't dating anyone!

They say not only is she laughing off the idea of dating Michael, a longtime pal, but also never dated rumored boy toys Morgan O'Connor or Liam Dean!

Sources say she's too busy trying to make sobriety stick and reboot her career! Filming her docu-series for Oprah apparently takes up too much of Lindsay's time!

Or is this just a cover? Circumstantial evidence has once again placed Lindsay next to ONE of her rumored paramours.

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Lindsay Lohan and Morgan O'Connor secretly hanging out in Miami?Lindsay Lohan and Morgan O'Connor secretly hanging out in Miami?

Lindsay Lohan Is SO Not In Love Triangle With Miley Cyrus & Seksi Ralph Lauren Model!


Trying to maintain her sobriety, a career re-launch, and moving into a brand new NYC pad…

Lindsay Lohan has way too much on her plate right now for a fictitious love triangle with Miley Cyrus and Ralph Lauren model Morgan O'Connor!

A source reported that Lindz bumped into Miley and Morgan at NYC's 1Oak nightclub on Saturday and sparks flewww—but sadly, no triangular romance is happening between the three kiddies!

The actresses rep dispelled the rumors, revealing:

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