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Kate Middleton Radio Prank Tricks Nurse Into Revealing Confidential Information?! LISTEN HERE!



That poor, gullible nurse! We realllllyyyy hope she didn't get fired for this trickery!

Everyone and their Queen Mums are excited about Kate Middleton's baby (babies?!), but we've all been anxious about Kate's morning sickness which is apparently SO severe, Prince William's wifey must be hospitalized.

Well, an Austrailian DJ duo thought it would be HIGHlarious if they called up King Edward VII Hospital pretending to be the Queen of England and Prince Charles, just to see if they could get some information on the welfare of Mz. Middleton…

And did it work?! We WILL say this… the palace is NOT happy and the hospital released this statement:

"This was a foolish prank call that we all deplore. We take patient confidentiality extremely seriously and we are now reviewing our telephone protocols."

LISTEN to the whole bloody ridiculous mess and find out what happened …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Kate Middleton's HORRIFYING Morning Sickness Scare: An Update!

kate middleton prince william morning sickness scare

You show that hyperemesis gravidarum who's boss, gurl!

Kate Middleton might have endured what seemed like one of the nastiest morning sickness scares in royal history, but gurl is fighting it with ALL her might!!

A rep for the Palace just released word that:

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Holly Madison Checks Into Hospital With Morning Sickness!

Holly Madison is seven months preggers, but that sure ain't stopping her from visiting the hospital for morning sickness!!


On Monday, the Peep Show starlet tweeted a pic of herself lying in a hospital bed with an IV in her arm, and wrote:

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Kate Middleton Suffering Extreme Morning Sickness!


Aww poor lady!!

After hearing the super exciting news this morning that Kate Middleton and Prince William are expecting a mini-royal, it seems not all is well in the world of Windsor…

As Kate's first stage of pregnancy is literally making her ILL, and new reports state that Mz. Middleton's morning sickness is MUCH more debilitating than normal!

One insider at St James's Palace reveals that Kate is suffering from

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Pink On How She Felt While Pregnant: 'I Had Rage!'

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These days Pink seems to have quite mellowed out since the birth of her beautiful daughter Willow.

But it wasn't always like that.

Especially during her pregnancy!

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Snooki's Pregnancy Is So EASY, She Doesn't Even 'FEEL Pregnant'!


Nausea, sleep loss and morning sickness are some of the symptoms countless pregnant women face everyday, except for one…SNOOKI!!

The five month pregnant guidette admits that other than her growing baby bump, she doesn’t even feel pregnant!!!

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Tori Spelling's Fourth Pregnancy Is Her 'Best' One Yet


Of course it is. Of course it is, Tori Spelling!!

The girl just makes pregnancy look like the easiest thing ever!

It was just announced last week that Tori was sperminated with

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