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Mariah Carey ROCKS Morocco! Watch Full Concert HERE!

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Incredible! She's still got it!

Dreamlovers and butterflies — gather round! This weekend, Mariah Carey put on an EPIC set at the Malawine Festival in Morocco and it was beyond belief.

Her music is iconic, her voice … unparalleled. And this gig, this one night in Morocco, proved that no matter what anyone says, MiMi has still got IT!

If you've ever been a fan, you MUST check out the video (above) to watch Mariah's concert in FULL!

However, if you don't have an hour and a half to devote to MiMi, CLICK THE JUMP to check out the set list and marks for each performance.

For the rest of you, sit back, RELAX, enjoy all that only Mariah Carey can offer!

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Mariah Carey & Lenny Kravitz Reunite In Morocco!!

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mariah carey lenny kravitz morocco

So much seXXy in just one lil' picture!!

Lenny Kravitz is having the time of his life touring in Morocco. But Friday night, the experience immediately became 10X better when he met up with an old friend.

Enjoying the exotic travels together, Lenny posted this photo (above) of him and Mariah Carey on his Facebook and captioned:

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Calling My Strange Addiction! This Girl Eats SPONGES And SOAP!


Oh man. TLC is going to be on this like white on rice!

Get ready! This girl is totally en route to My Strange Addiction!

Kerry Trebilcock is a 21 year old from Cornwall who, after contracting a hookworm while vacationing in Morocco, developed pica, which causes its victims to crave objects that are not food…and due to the condition, has left her eating up to 4,000 sponges and 100 bars of soap!

And although she had the parasite taken care of by her doctor, she was afraid to mention her bizarre eating habits, so she let them continue, which has led to serious stomach cramps, constipation, and diarrhea!

She explains:

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New Material Coming Soon From Mariah Carey!?

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mariah carey new music mawazine

Oh please say it's true!! Please please say it's true!!

Mariah Carey is set to headline Mawazine in Morocco on May 26th!!!

And the event organizers are confirming that yes! She will be singing one or two songs from her new album!!!

Ahh!!! New MiMi music!! This should be fuNN!!! May 26 is only four months awaayyyy!!

[Image via A. Benjilali/WENN.]

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Five Moroccans Set Themselves On Fire Protest The Country's Lack Of Jobs

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Wait. Why?

Apparently the best way to prove you're employable is to set yourself on fire.

Five unemployed Moroccan men set themselves on fire to protest widespread demonstrations over the lack of jobs Thursday.

On the whole county's unemployment rate is only 9%, which is similar to the US's current unemployment rate. HOWEVES, it's nearly DOUBLE that for university graduates.

That totally blows, but why set yourself on fire?

Yeah… we still don't understand that part.

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J. Lo's New Beau Vs. All The Haters: Twitter Edition

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jlo new beau vs haters twitter edition

As they say: hater's gonna hate.

Earlier this week, we heard that Jennifer Lopez and her new BF Casper Smart jetted off to Morocco together, so J. Lo can perform for the country's royal family…and of course so the two can play!

Now, Casper has taken to Twitter to respond to all the hate that's been directed his way:

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J.Lo And New Beau Off To Morocco Together!

jennifer lopez casper smart morroco

Oooh la la!

It looks like things are getting super spicy for J.Lo and Casper Smart!

The new couple just jetted off to Morocco together Tuesday night.

Officially, J.Lo is going to perform for the country's royal family….

Apparently there's an upscale mall opening in Casablanca and they really want to get her On the Floor there.

But c'mon, if they're there together, we all know they'll be finding some time to play! Wink.

After the mall performance, she'll go to South America to join Marc Anthony for the filming of Q!Viva The Chosen.

[Image via Adrianna M. Barraza/WENN.]

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