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Yay! Homicide Is No Longer A Top Cause Of Death In The U.S!

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We are starting to love each again, America!

Not since 1965 has homicide ranked so low on the top causes of death in the U.S.

Murder was ousted out of the top 15 by pneumonitis, a disease in the elderly caused by choking on vomit.

On second thought, that's not much better.

The infant mortality rate dropped to a record low in 2011 with 6.14 deaths per 1,000 newborns. Life expectancy is at a whopping 78 years and 8 months.

Unfortunately, as homicide declines,

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Aretha Franklin Wants To Star On Broadway!

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aretha franklin wants to be on broadway

We'd love to see you up on stage, Aretha!

After celebrating her 69th Birthday and getting dangerously close to 70, mortality thoughts have kicked in for Aretha Franklin, and she's developed a Bucket List:

“I’m going to sail the Nile before it’s all over. I would like to see the Pyramids and the Sphinx…I want to do Broadway — on my terms."

“I’m really taking far better care of myself… I feel fabulous…(Designers Marc Jacobs and Oscar de la Renta) are cutting special things just for me.”

All sounds wonderful, Aretha! We'll keep an eye out for your name on the theater marquees!

Would U like to see Aretha Franklin on Broadway?

[Image via WENN.]

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Babies Born To Obese Mothers Face Higher Mortality Rate

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Babies Born To Obese Mothers Face Higher Mortality Rate

And yet another reason to lose weight!

A recent study showed that babies born to obese mothers have a greater risk of dying before, during, or up to one year after birth.

The risk of infant mortality before or up to one year after death was actually double when the mother was obese vs. if she was normal weight.

Said study co-author, Judith Rankin:

"There are likely to be a number of reasons why obesity is associated with fetal and infant death and we don't yet know the full story. For example, there is an increased risk of high blood pressure or diabetes developing during pregnancy. Understanding the risks associated with obesity is helpful for health-care professionals caring for pregnant women, so that additional monitoring can be provided as necessary."

Most women worry about losing baby weight after their pregnancy, when in fact it’s your weight before pregnancy that matters most!

[Image via AP Images.]

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