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Exploring India

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It's official. India is a truly magical place! Something about being here is indescribable!

On our second day here we explored more of Mumbai, a city filled with some of India's richest - and its poorest.

We've never been, but Mumbai feels like what Cuba would be like to visit.

While India is very much it's own thing and unlike any other place in the world, what we love most about the time we've spent here thus far is the reminder of how different yet similar we all are.

We've been eating our face off, which is OKAY. We plan to go hard in January! And we've been fortunate enough to have a great guide to take us around town and fill us on on everything we wanted to know - from the history of the city, to the people, the culture, the religions and more.

Can't wait to experience the rest of the country!!!

CLICK HERE to see a lot more photos from our trip to India!

CLICK HERE to see a lot more photos from our trip to India!

CLICK HERE to see a lot more photos from our trip to India!

CLICK HERE to see a lot more photos from our trip to India!

[Perez's shawl by Leigh & Luca.]

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From India, With Love

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img_0055.jpg img_0050.jpg

After nearly 24 hours in planes and airports, we finally made it to India on Saturday!

And it was well worth all the travel!!!

We spent our first day exploring Mumbai and learning so much about its history. The British. The Portuguese. The Hindi. The Western influences. Bombay of yore and today.

We are fascinated by India and all it has to offer!

We are soaking it all in - good and sad. Vibrant and dark.

Our initial feeling towards India is very similar to what we felt when we went to Tokyo and traveled around Japan. It is soooooo different than America. And we LOVE that!

We love exploring this new place and discovering all about the people and their culture.

We did a lot of walking around Mumbai in day one. And there's still lots more to do and, thankfully, a lot of time left in India!


CLICK HERE to see a lot more photos from our trip to India!

CLICK HERE to see a lot more photos from our trip to India!

CLICK HERE to see a lot more photos from our trip to India!

CLICK HERE to see a lot more photos from our trip to India!

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Fire Destroys Home Of Young Slumdog Millionaire Star

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This is so sad.

The home of Rubina Ali, the young star of the 2008 Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire, was destroyed by a fire Friday night.

Rubina and her family lived in a hut near the Bandra Railway Station near Mumbai. In the clip (above), you can see the village of huts that were destroyed by the fire. More than 500 huts were affected. Five people were reported missing.

In the fire, she lost everything, including her photographs, newspaper clippings, and film memorabilia that she had saved from the film.

Rubina's family was offered a flat after the film turned into a success, however her family turned it down, saying it was not big enough to house all of them.

On the night of the fire, Rubina said:

"Along with my house, all my good memories of my time on the film have been reduced to ashes. My new school books have been totally burnt. However, I feel relieved to see all my family members safe. The fire is so huge, it could have cost us our lives.

Seeing it burnt to ashes in front of my eyes, I feel like I have lost everything. This was all we had."

This just breaks our hearts.

We're just so relieved that Rubina and her family were not injured in the fire. Our hearts go out to them.

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Katy And Russell Touch Down In India!

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katy perry and russell brand arrive in india

They made it!

While arriving for their nuptials and week of celebration, Russell Brand and his bride-to-be, the still shy Katy Perry, were spotted getting their luggage at the airport in Mumbai on Wednesday.

We miss Miz Perry's pretty face! We hope she's got something worth hiding under there.

[Image via AP Images.]

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Richest Man In India Builds A $1 Billion Home!

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Holy shit.

We guess when you're worth that much money, you have to really strive to find new ways to be excessive!

Check out (above) billionaire - and richest man in India - Mukesh Ambani's very modest and reasonably priced brand new house in Mumbai!

Yes. That's somebody's HOUSE.

We'll let you sit and process that for a minute.

The 27-floor property, which is allegedly worth $1,008,645,533 (£630m), has its own gym, health club, dance studio, ballroom, 50-seat cinema, elevated garden space with enough room for trees, THREE helicopter pads (because one just isn't enough!), and a staff of 600 people to keep it running smoothly!

Well, that should keep his wife and three children sufficiently entertained for the rest of their lives!

Just, wow. Outrageous.

They better throw one hell of a house-warming party, that's all we have to say!


[Image via AP Images.]

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