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Westminster Kennel Club To Allow Mutts To Compete!!

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Westminster Kennel Club will allow mutts to compete! ...in the agility trials at least!

Wow! What a progressive step forward!

The Westminster Kennel Club dog show is now going to allow mixed breed dogs to compete!

Sadly, the mutts won't be able to

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Fan Pet Of The Day

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Today's Fan Pet of the Day is the adorbz Sadie!!

TeddyHilton.com reader Amber sent us pics of her cutie pie and said:

"This little terrier mix is Sadie. My partner and I adopted her fom a shelter about 8 months ago and since then she has become a forever part of our little family! She even gets along with the cat (usually) : )"

So glad that you decided to adopt, not shop! Rescue dogs are the best!!

We love that she gets along with your cat, if only sometimes. Ha!

Think UR pet should be The Fan Pet Of The Day? Email us a pic to teddyhiltonphotos@gmail.com!!!

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Fan Pet Of The Day!

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And the award for fan pet of the day goes to… Moose!!

TeddyHilton.com reader, Tasha wrote in:

"My puppy moose is THE CUTEST!!!!

I got him from a rescue so we don't know what he is, any guesses?"

We guess that he's a super cutie fuzz ball!! But other than that no… nothing.

Maybe some sort of husky in there?

Those piercing blue eyes are gorgeous. And that one ear straight up! Ha!

So precious.

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Q&A: Kissing Dog On The Lips

Filed under: Q&ADogDr. Patrick Mahaney


Many of us have pets who are very affectionate. But sometimes, being too affection could be unhealthy.

Dear Teddy,

My dog is the sweetest, friendliest mutt you'd ever meet. She loves to jump up on the couch and give kisses. My friend told me that you shouldn't let a dog lick you right on the lips but she always goes straight for the face. (My dog, not the friend.) Is it okay to kiss my dog on the lips?

Dr. Patrick responded:

Thank you for your interesting and relevant question.
 We humans typically love when our pets are affectionate with us by giving us kisses, but it is best that you don't let your dog kiss/lick you on the lips.
Consider that your dog does not brush (unless you do it for him/her), floss, or use antiseptic mouthwash, so the different stains and levels of bacteria in a dog's mouth can be quite high.
Additionally, dogs explore their environment with their nose, which often leads to their mouth taking a taste of whatever may be appealing to them (which could be revolting to you).

Dogs may taste urine, feces, or anal sac discharge directly as it comes out of another dog (or themselves). Or, rotting organic material (vegetable or animal) could be consumed from the ground.
 With all the above information, do you want your dog to lick you on the face or lips? Even your hands are suspect to being coated with bacteria or other infectious organisms that could transfer via your dog's mouth, so always wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds after handling your dog or if they lick your fingers.
 Many people let their dog lick their hands, face, or mouth and do not get sick, but the potential is always there. I suggest playing it on the safe side.

Good luck,


Have any pet questions? Tweet them to Dr. Patrick HERE!! OR Check him out on facebook!

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Mutts: Coming Soon To A Sunday Paper Movie Theater Near U

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Hope this is better than Garfield!

20th Century Fox is prepping a big-screen version of the popular comic strip Mutts.

The studio’s animation division has hired Mutts creator Patrick McDonnell and his brother Robert McDonnell to write the script for a feature-length animated film.

Mutts is a daily comic strip centering on the antics of a dog named Earl and a cat named Mooch who interact with each other and the animals in their neighborhood, as well as their human owners.

McDonnell created the humor strip, syndicated by King Features Syndicate, in 1994.

Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz said before his death that he was a big fan of the strip.

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