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Justin Timberlake Dresses Myspace Up In A Suit And Tie


And the list of Justin Timberlake's skills continues to grow…

The multi-talented singer is using his new single, Suit and Tie, to promote the relaunch of his personal investment, MySpace.

The completely made over site now features a full page advertisement of JT's new hit on it's homepage.

MySpace redesigned the site to have music and discovering new music at its core, so Justin's involvement is totally justified. LOLz

New users now have an audio deck of the bottom of every page they hit, where they have the option of controlling the music they listen to while they surf!

Could MySpace really become the new Facebook?? Waiiiit…..

[Image via WENN.]

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Justin Timberlake Teases New Music!


Could that fateful day be upon us?! Has the life-giving sun finally risen and have we made it to the promise land?!


At an event describing the improved, stylish, revamped MySpace, Jessica Biel's new hubby chatted about the site's connection features, it's potential for musicians and…

Whether or not he's about to head into the studio to work on his first album since 2006's Futuresex/Lovesounds!!

The tech investor revealed:

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Kellan Lutz: World's Deadliest & SeXXXiest Social Media Addict!


Kellan Lutz is Hashtag. Agent Hashtag.

And he's like totes addicted to social media!!

We're totes addicted to his dreamy eyes and impeccable smile, but we digress!!

Ch-ch-check out his clever Funny or Die short (above) that spoofs everything from James Bond to MySpace!!

This vid was clearly made for the LOLz, but it showcases the Twilight hunk's silver screen appeal!

We think he's witty, charming, and a flawless physical specimen — the perfect lead for a summer action flick!!

Get to work, Hollywood scribes!! Scenes where Kellan defuses bombs in a Speedo aren't going to write themselves!!

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Take A Peek At The NEW MySpace!!!

It's bringing sexy back - yeah!

MySpace, the social media website that was injected with some Justin Timberlake, has strut its new stuff and damn it is looking nice as spice!

As far as we can tell it seems they've done a complete makeover of the site, and the improvements SEEM spectacular.

Now it still is yet to be determined if it runs as smooth as it looks, but we're definitely A LOT more interested in MySpace after seeing what they're prepared to offer.

Ch-ch-check it out for yourself by clicking PLAY directly (above) !!!

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He's Bringing Sexy MySpace Back! Justin Timberlake Attempting To Save The Site!


So THIS is why he's taking a break from recording music?

Justin Timberlake has announced that he will be attempting to bring MySpace back - with plans to turn it into an interactive TV service?

He explains in a statement:

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MySpace Is Still Fighting To Stay Relevant!


Well, we have to give them an A for effort!

They are really fighting to keep this website going!

MySpace has officially debuted its first major product offering under the new owners, Specific Media, which is a music player with "enhanced" recommendations," a built-in search engine, and Facebook integration!

According to chief operating officer Chris Vanderhook:

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Justin Timberlake Talks MySpace Revamp


Justin Timberlake's logging lots of hours when it comes to revamping MySpace, just not in the office.

The singer actor, who recently bought a stake in the old school social network, said of his

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