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MTV’s Top 10 Most Outrageous Sex Myths

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Pulling out prevents pregnancy.


MTV’s new show, Top 10 Most Outrageous Sex Myths, is all about busting common myths about sex.

It features a slew of celebs, including Ludacris, Vinny Guadagnino, Kelly Rowland, Teen Moms’ Maci, Amber, Catelynn, and Farrah and more!

Educational and sexy. We love it!

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8 Sex Myths Debunked

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8 Sex Myths Debunked

Sex is confusing.

There’s no getting around that, but there are a few things (eight, specifically) that you can know for sure. Here are eight common sex myths debunked by Women's Health:

Men Reach Their Sexual Peak at 18, and Women Reach Theirs at 28

No, your sex lives aren't doomed to be perpetually out of sync. Men's testosterone levels peak around 18, but hormones are only one small factor in male sexual performance, says Marc Goldstein, M.D., a professor of reproductive medicine and urology at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center. And women have no set peak. If you and your partner need to sync up your libidos, agree to take turns initiating sex every few days. "Sex at least once a week is like vitamins for a relationship," says sex therapist Ian Kerner, Ph.D., founder of GoodInBed.com. And the more you do it, even if you're not in the mood at first, the more you'll want to.

He's Intimidated by Your Vibrator

Wrong! In fact, your guy might be secretly hoping you'll bust out a new "toyfriend" during your next romp. According to a recent Indiana University study, 41 percent of women have used a battery-powered buddy with their partner. And it goes beyond him watching you go wild: "Many men find vibration pleasurable on their penis and other body parts," says Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., a research scientist at Indiana University and author of Because It Feels Good. If he's game, vary the vibration speed and intensity to find something that revs up both of you.

The G-Spot Doesn't Really Exist

Earlier this year, a French study found physical evidence of this elusive erogenous zone: Women who were able to achieve vaginal orgasm had thicker-than-average tissues between the vagina and the urethra. Whether this area is a magic orgasm-inducing button for you depends on your sensitivity, says Beverly Whipple, Ph.D., coauthor of The Orgasm Answer Guide. "Lie on your back and have your partner (or yourself) use one or two fingers to stimulate the upper front wall of your vagina with a 'come here' motion," she says. Hit the right spot and within 10 seconds you'll know it. During vaginal intercourse, try rear entry or woman on top—both put his penis in a position to hit the jackpot.

Men Can't Have Multiple Orgasms

The idea that guys get only one shot (so to speak) at orgasm comes from mistaking ejaculation for climax, says Kerner. While your guy does have physical limitations on how quickly he can produce and release sperm, he can still experience repeated peaks of arousal while doing the deed. The trick is to bring him this close to climaxing and then ease off so that he feels the toe-curling contractions of orgasm without ejaculating. "Ask him to tell you when he's about to go over the edge, then gently squeeze the head of his penis to pull him back," says Kerner. "Focus on kissing or stroking another part of his body for 30 seconds—long enough for him to cool down a bit, but not long enough for him to lose his erection—then start up again." Repeat until he begs for mercy.

Size Matters

A bigger penis doesn't necessarily make sex more mind blowing. For one, it won't help a guy reach your (very real— see myth No. 3) G-spot, and it could actually be painful if his penis hits your cervix during sex. If his length is lacking, stick to positions that keep you close together (such as missionary), have him use a grinding rather than thrusting movement, and wrap your legs around him for extra clitoral stimulation. Got a bigger boy? Woman-on-top positions (like reverse cowgirl) let you control the depth of his stroke.

You Can't Get an STD if You're in Water

You're actually more likely to catch an STD from an infected partner when you're not dry-docked. Water washes away the body's natural lubricant, creating more friction, which increases the risk of tears in the vagina, where bacteria and viruses can enter. Condoms help, but they are easily weakened by heat, chlorine, and oil-based substances in the water (like bubble bath or sunscreen). "If you're determined to have an underwater orgasm, stick to good old-fashioned manual stimulation," says medical sociologist Adina Nack, Ph.D., author of Damaged Goods, a book about women living with STDs. And use a silicone-based lubricant, which will last longer.

It's Impossible to Get Pregnant When You Have Your Period

"You can get pregnant at any stage of your menstrual cycle—even on the day you expect your period to start," says Sherman Silber, M.D., director of the Infertility Center in St. Louis. Sperm can live inside the body for up to a week, so if you have sex during your period and then ovulate shortly after, his little swimmers could still be hanging around, ready to make sexy time with an egg when it arrives.

Watching Porn is a Guy Thing

Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis found that looking at erotic images caused a rapid increase in women's electrical brainwave activity that was just as strong as in men's. "Women can use porn to find out what they like and are comfortable with in the bedroom," explains Lou Paget, a certified sex educator. Watch it solo to help yourself get into the mood, or invite your guy to watch your fave film together as foreplay.

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5 Food Myths Debunked

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5 Food Myths Debunked

Nutrition advice is passed around by everyone, and it’s tough to parcel through it and figure out what’s true and what isn’t. Here are some common myths about nutrition and diet that need debunking.

Carbohydrates are bad for a diet
Carbs do not cause weight gain, and in fact, researchers have found that people with the highest intake of carbohydrates tend to have the lowest overall intake of calories and are more likely to be at a normal weight.

The trick is to eat complex carbs (whole grains, legumes, vegetables) instead of simple carbs (sugar, processed wheat). They will help you stay full longer, which will cause you to eat less throughout the day.

Eating right before bed causes weight gain
The common rule of thumb is to stop eating at least an hour before you go to bed. However, researchers have found that this rule is not true. The most important thing is that you manage your total daily intake of calories.

It is true that you burn fewer calories when you sleep, but that doesn’t mean you’ll gain weight if you eat something right before bed. Overeating is overeating, regardless of when you put the food in your mouth. Manage your total daily intake of calories and you will be fine.

You will lose the weight you gain during the holidays
It’s easy to gain weight over the holidays — who doesn’t love to divulge in some delicious Christmas cookies? Most people believe that they will lose the holiday weight after January 1st when they make their New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, more times than not, the weight gain from the holidays becomes permanent as New Year’s resolutions are quickly forgotten. So make sure to monitor your weight this holiday season, and don’t expect that you can burn what you gain off in 2011.

Frozen vegetables contain fewer nutrients
Most frozen fruits and vegetables are frozen at peak ripeness, so whether or not you’re getting more nutrients from fresh or frozen depends on what season it is and where you live. If the fruit or veggie you want is in season where you live, always go for that. Otherwise, off-season fruits and veggies have to travel long distances to get to you, and each day of travel equates to nutrients lost, so it’s better to opt for the frozen variety.

The “5-second rule” is legit
This one is pretty intuitive. If you drop something that’s sticky or wet (ice cream, sliced turkey), it will pick up a ton of bacteria from the floor. If you drop something dry (cookie), it’s probably safe to eat when you pick it up.

Happy eating!

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8 Common Myths About Dehydration!

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CLICK HERE to check them out!

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